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Tiny surprise

I copied this from my fb account, enjoy..XP
Lil update:
Namorax still seems to have trouble with his laptop. So I thought: “I’m atm writing some stories for a certain manga contest (working together with two artists), so why not share the stories a bit?”
If you’re ineterested, click the below link to see Estoriel slaving himself away to translae (it’ll be proofread later and this is totally not related to my revenge for his old mistake of uploading in the wrong folder!).
The story he is working on today is called “Crystal Guardian” and he’s translating the prologu of a story which was sitting on my laptop for a long time. This first translation progress is to see if the translators are interested in it, if so I’ll adjust the story further t make it fitting for the contest.
So in short: This is a chance to get a glimpse on a story which I didn’t publish on my blog yet. If we don’t use this story for the contest of if you guys like it a lot, I’ll force Estoriel to translate more and publish it on my blog (so please leave some comments if you like it~).
Btw Estoriel doesn’t know about this yet (while he’s translating), hehehe, so feel free to surprise him with your visit..xP
And maybe I continue this style for the other stories?😈
Edit 07.08.18: Link removed~

Gods Ordeal Story 6

Yep, it’s “story 6” not story 2! And no, you didn’t miss out the releases of story 2 to 5 either.

Because “Gods Ordeal” is a collection of oneshots which can be read separately from each other, I’ll release which ever story is finished translating and proofreading first. It mostly depends on the translators mood what will be released next…xP

This story features the topic of the “appearances of gods”.

As usual huge thanks towards the Cave Scanlation team working on my stories for translating and proofreading them.

(Story 2 has a more serious topic and the continuation of the first story can be found in the 6th chapter.)

Story 6: Fashion Trend



Next up is either one of the Bonus Chapters of Hidden GMs Destiny (not one of the extra chapters which will be included in the ebook version) or the first part of chapter 6. I still didn’t decide yet. Maybe leave me a comment what you guys would prefer to read first?^^


Little Teaser Chapter of Knights of Runascore

I already announced it on Facebook last week, but here is a little teaser of Knights of Runascore. If you fear to spoil yourself, no worries, this story features one of the “side” characters. It’s an extra chapter from his POV. While I was organizing some old files I discovered this chapter which was written before I put KoR on hold to write Hidden GMs Destiny. Seeing that it doesn’t spoil the story and also goes along well with Gods Ordeal, I decided to post it as a little teaser~

That being said… This character is my favourite character from KoR and can without a doubt be found on my “top 10 most favourite (own) characters list”, because he’s way too hilarious. (Though at the same time I truly wonder how I came up with such a character… *facepalms*)

BUT before you run off and start reading, I have to share a few informations about him, the great Gustav, so you can fully enjoy the story!


Let me first describe Gustavs appearance. He’s a giant (over 30 m tall) black colored prawn, has three pairs of black feathered wings, his (main) two eyes are red and his whole body is covered with hundreds (if not thousands) of white colored (additional) eyes.

He’s one of the Necromancer Gods of the world of KoR, but he has the least followers, because only a few people believe that “something like that” exists, even more so that there is a “god” with such a strange appearance. Only his own followers, who are seen as a strange sect even among other Necromancers, believe his existence and are avid admirers of his greatness (*cough, cough* If you read the first story of Gods Ordeal… Valderas followers are nothing compared to the avid Gustav sect members in regards of being totally devoted to their god. And one of the MCs is a Gustav follower. *cough, cough*).

Author Note: He’s a huge narcissist and has an amazing ability to MISUNDERSTAND human behaviour! For example… if people faint, scream in terror or start to run for their life (just from witnessing his ugly and strange appearance), he strictly believes they are enamoured with his marvellous beauty….

Well, this should be enough info to fully enjoy the chapter! Please always keep his appearance in mind while reading for the best effect~


Gustav POV extra chapter “My Beautiful Self”.

(If you already liked the chicken of Hidden GMs Destiny, I’m quite sure you’ll love Gustav! Now… I wonder if he gains more followers??! *shiver*)


I’ll add this chapter to the Oneshot and KoR page, so it’s easier to find. Next up will be a Gods Ordeal story(still being proofread as of this moment).

Gods Ordeal Story 1

I’m feeling a lot better now and slowly get back to work while I still focus on recovering.

As previously promised, here is one of the oneshot chapters as a tiny apology for the absence of updates. Hidden GMs Destiny chapter 5 is currently being proofread (it’s around 17 pages long) and I hope I can release it as soon as possible.

Gods Ordeal – Story 1: The God of Destructions Solicitude

Status update

There weren’t many updates for Hidden GMs Destiny in may because I’m injured right now and had to visit the surgeon. I’m still recovering but I hope that I can at least post the next chapter within this month. Because of the long time with no updates I decided to upload another oneshot, or better a series of oneshots (the chapters are all connected but each tells it’s own story), as an apology. Unlike Hidden GMs Destiny the chapters will be released irregulary though to not affect the Hidden GMs releases.


Meanwhile I have another poll regarding the future releases of Hidden GMs Destiny. It will be open until I release part 2 of the next chapter. This time you can vote for one of two options and it mainly affects the readers who read the part versions instead of the whole chapter and write comments.

Until now I released the chapters in parts and later on uploaded the whole chapter, while deleting the parts after a few days. Sadly, this will also remove the comments on these pages (and I feel really bad over this!!) because Worpress don’t seem to have an option to move them to a new page (aka the whole chapter versions). And because I feel bad about deleting comments I want you, as the readers, to decide if you prefer using the old way for posting updates, which is more convenient for the readers who read the parts and don’t wait for the full chapter versions, or if you prefer keeping the comments and have a bit more scrolling inconvenience.


Let me introduce you to the two options and their pro and cons.

1. Keep it as it is

Pro: It’s easier to continue reading from the point where you left off at the previous released part // no time wasted to search

Con: Comments will disappear // If you want your comment to stay you either have to post on the release post or wait until the whole chapter is released to post // Author has to manually remove the parts and feels bad about the lost comments


2. Change it to “highlight it with colour”

If I use this way, I’ll create tha page for the whole chapter, post the first part there and will colour-highlight the last sentence of the first part when I post the second part of the chapter, so you know where you left off last time when you read.

Pro: All comments will stay where they belong to and you have part 1+2 comments on a single page // Author don’t have to agonize about lost comments written by the awesome readers

Con: Extra effort/scrolling to search for the coloured sentence (=inconvenient) <–especially if you read on your mobile phone