Chapter 8: The end of the demon lord quest

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Author: Selkin

Translator: Estoriel

Proofreader: RCaliber & Namarox


All of us looked silently at the window through which Toriel had made his escape. I could only sigh and give up on any chance of getting some rare equipment.

“This was a bit anti-climatic, but at least we survived.”

It was Maeda who broke the silence. My head moved into his direction and when I looked at his character, I finally realised a very important point. Considering my usual luck, if he stays in our party he’ll also gain a position in my castle when my demon lord quest ends!

The moment I remembered this detail, I threw him out of our team with lightning speed. And just like I expected, based on my accumulated experiences as a hidden GM, a storm of new system messages appeared a few seconds later.


After fighting a tough battle against Toriel, who accidentally killed the murderer of the previous Demon Lord, you and your party obtained the right to become the new Demon Lord and rule over this region.

The quest “Tian’s plea for help“ was completed.

You obtained the “Demon Lord” title.

You obtained the rights to rule over the region Du’Thane.

The NPC Tian will now follow you as your loyal servant.

Player Emeralda, player Sion and the NPC Tian have earned the rights to claim a high ranking position in your territory due to their achievement in battle.

You can appoint their positions within your territory in the [Region Management]  window.

You gained 9045 EXP.

Your level increased by one.




That was really a close call!

If I hadn’t been able to throw Maeda out of the party in the last second, he would have gained the right to claim a position in my territory. Who would know what mayhem he would cause here… I’m really glad that I noticed this problem just in time. It was really a close call, but I managed to protect my region as a true lord would!

Of course Maeda was a bit taken aback when he noticed he was suddenly no longer in our party and started to complain. Not that he actually helped a lot in battle anyway…

“Oi, hubby, why did you remove me from the party?”

“Because of my quest. This castle will be used by my guild and you aren’t a member. Things would be getting complicated if you completed this quest.”

“I see…”


Somehow I managed to pull off some kind of plausible pretense…eh…reason! But judging from the suspicious look he is giving me, I still have the feeling that my fellow Hidden GM managed to see through me. However, before I could worry further over the matter, Sion panicly grabbed my arm in despair and I was faced with a question.

“Keruna! Why did my reputation with my own race nosedive after I completed your quest?! It’s not even neutral anymore, it’s in the negative?! I had a really high intimacy you know?!”

I could only look at Sion in disbelief. Of course, if it’s Sion, he wouldn’t know much about the lore of this game. However, discovering that it was truly as bad as I had feared surprised even me.

For a brief moment, I wondered if I should tell him the reason straight to his face or if I should try to break the news to him gently. In the end I decided to use the shortest reply.

“Maybe it’s probably because of our two races’ enmity? I mean the demonic races and the Sylphs are on really bad terms, not just because of being two different kinds of species, dark and celestial, but also because of the many wars in the past.”

“But this never happened before! We often share quests and complete them together. Why is this happening now?”

This time it was Tian who answered before I had the chance to even open my mouth. That guy sure is fast to reply to any topics regarding his new lord.

“Sir Sion, my lord finally joined the ranks of nobility. He’s now a highly reputed demon lord who reigns over a region. As a fellow servant of my lord, Sir Sion would of course be seen as a traitor by his own race because of his loyalty towards our highness. Narrow minded Sylphs, with the exception of Sir Sion of course, will obviously not recognise the might of my lord.”

Uhh… How many “my lords” did he just add in his reply? I wonder if I can ever get used to it, but at least he explained it well to Sion.


I could only nod silently after Tian finished his explanation and observe how Sion’s complexion paled with every sentence. In the end it felt like he would turn into dust and disappear because of the huge blow he received. That guy always underestimated the deep lore of ‘Mirage of Eternity’ and now he finally got a first taste of how deeply it is rooted in the game and how it affects a player’s play style sometimes.

For me, games with lore that is affecting the interactions between the races inhabiting the world are even more interesting to play. However, for Sion, who doesn’t show much interest in this kind of stuff, it must be quite a severe experience.

Even Emeralda was giving Sion a pitiful look when he finally realised that all the hard work he had put into improving his reputation with his own race had been in vain. In the meantime, Maeda, that muscles-for-brain, tried to console our Astral Knight but failed miserably and pushed Sion into even deeper despair. This is quite an epic fail of cheering someone up if I dare say so… Especially the last two words were devastating!

“Don’t be upset, you can always raise your intimacy again by starting from scratch!”




“Is there something wrong with what I said?”

“Azura, I think it’s better if we change the topic…”


Looks like that muscles-for-brain finally noticed his own mistake when it was already too late.

“Keruna, recently I have a lot of bad luck whenever we team up…”

“That’s just your imagination!”

“First I was forced to join your guild, and now-”

“You’re overthinking this, Sion!”





It was Emeralda who tactfully changed the topic to prevent Sion from brooding over the things he already lost. Otherwise he might even start blaming a poor, innocent Twilight Assassin.

“But Sion was a really great help during our battle against Toriel. It’s a pity the vampire fled in the end, I really wanted to see what an event’s mid-boss drops. On the other hand, we’re probably the first ones who found out there’s a new race! I’ll make a thread in the official ‘Mirage of Eternity’ forum and upload some screenshots. Sion, can you send me some screenshots or a video of the race-change windows that popped up? I would also love to upload a video of this in my “Let’s Play” channel later, I’ll give you both a share of the income then.”

“Sure, I don’t mind. You’re a “Let’s Player”? Sounds interesting. I guess with ‘Mirage of Eternity’ there are dozens of possibilities for good and unique videos.”


Uh… Sion is speaking strangely, looks like he still needs more time to recover… I better be careful with what I say.


“Yeah, the videos about hidden classes are extremely popular, but Keruna still refuses to help me make one about his class!”

“I don’t want my character’s class to be well known and I would rather not become famous…”

“That reminds me of Azura. Azura, your Jewel Mage is also a hidden class, right? Would you allow me to make a video about your class?”

“Eww, sorry lil’ cactus boy, but I’m a very shy person and as a beauty I don’t want to get bothered by strange men later on~  My poor maiden’s heart wouldn’t be able to take it.”

Hearing Maeda talk like that sent a chill down my spine while I was trying to hide my reaction behind a light cough. I definitely wasn’t trying to hide a grossed out smile at this very moment! Really!!



Sadly, as much as I would like to support Emeralda who makes really nice videos that are often very funny, as a Hidden GM I’m not allowed to show off my class or expose my character too much. If that were to happen, the chances of getting exposed as a Hidden GM would increase, which would interfere with my actual job if I used my Twilight Assassin to work. There is the option of hiding my character’s name and changing his appearance using the ‘Race Transformation’ scrolls which every GM and Hidden GM possesses, but it’s too inconvenient to use it. Not to mention that characters who hide their names are automatically very suspicious and people can easily guess that a character like this belongs to someone working for NDC.

I also don’t want to leave my guild. Everyone is nice and it’s a lot of fun playing together with them, so I would rather avoid being exposed.

“How sad, but I can understand your reasoning. Oh, right! I nearly forgot about our support ticket, I better mark it as solved before a GM replies.”


Ah! You’re right, I nearly forgot about it. Good that everything is solved and I don’t have to waste any time answering it. Please hurry and mark it as solved, Emeralda~ You’re a really nice cactus, thanks! I would even buy you some new fertilizer if you ever need it!


Now that Emeralda marked the ticket as solved, I remembered that I leveled up and even gained my own territory.

I instantly opened my character’s information window to distribute my three points from leveling up into Agility and looked at my updated stats.

While doing so I noticed that the ‘Demon Lord’ title had been added and that my Fame had increased by 100 points. It had probably been raised because of my newly gained position.




Name: Keruna

Race: Demon

Class: Twilight Assassin

Guild: Emissaries of the Abyss

Title: Demon Lord

Level: 76

Fame: 1500

NDC Status: Hidden GM



Str    71        Agi          63

Phy    40        Dex       51

Wiz    17        Dura     28

Attribute Points left for free distribution: 0

Additional Attribute Points granted by the Twilight Assassin class: 15

Note: The distribution of the attribute points will affect your stats. Please take great care while distributing. // Additional attribute points granted by special and hidden classes will get automatically and randomly distributed by the system.



Max HP: 3520

Max MP: 692

Attack                462        Magic Attack               35

Defence               52        Magic Defence           24

Evasion              114        Magic Evasion            91

Accuracy             97        Magic Accuracy           17

Critical Attack    11


Elemental Resistances

Water           8

Fire             15

Earth            8

Air               10

Light             3

Darkness    30


Other Stats

Evilness                         350

Charm                             80

Fashion Sense               25

Shamelessness           220

Luck                                30


Available titles to display

Killed By A Chicken (rare)

Demon Lord



Despite already knowing the result, I still tried to hide my Demon Lord title. I obviously failed and I had to accept my fate of being a walking target for all players with a hero class. With this I confirmed that even a Hidden GM was unable to escape this destiny. The title being written with a bright red color didn’t help either. I could only be glad that it wasn’t written in capitals.

It will definitely become a problem when other heroes or demon lords see the bright red title hovering over my head. Other users will only see the same dark gray color that is used for any other title, so hopefully I won’t run into anyone who’ll share my newly gained position to hero-class players on the forum or world chat.


I sighed and intended to look at the territory information when Maeda suddenly said something which caught my attention.

“Oh? That demon lord dropped a coat. Hm~ If you guys don’t intend to pick it up, I’ll gladly take it!”

As soon as he finished speaking, and before anyone could complain, his hands had already grabbed a coat which was half-buried under Toriel’s glass coffin.

That sly old fox! How dare he try to use my distraction to brazenly steal our loot?!


I grabbed one of my throwing daggers and was ready to assassinate him when Maeda suddenly clicked his tongue in annoyance. He instantly let the item go and lost all interest in it. I wondered what happened to his evil intentions when he revealed the answer himself.

“Too bad, looks like it can only be equipped by people with the Demon Lord title, what a waste…”

Oi… You do realise that you stopped acting like your ingame character Azura and reverted to your usual self? Where did your cheerful attitude go? Be happy that the voice changing program still works…

Though it doesn’t look like anyone else noticed the transformation into a greedy macho man aiming for good equipment…


“Please allow me to get this coat for you, my lord.”

I glanced at the eagerly looking Tian and for an unknown reason I could barely suppress the urge to tell him “fetch!”. Why is it that Tian feels less and less like a subordinate and more and more like a dog that followed me home?


I only gave a brief nod and he happily went over to the coffin with a wagging tail, just like a real dog. Sometimes I really wonder what happened to his dignity as a fellow demon, or is it just that all demons serving a demon lord -with the exception of the subordinates of that fake- are like this?

He tried pulling gently at the cloak but noticed that he was unable to pull it out from under the coffin. Just when I thought about asking Sion and Emeralda to help us pushing the coffin aside, Tian frowned slightly and in the next moment he unsheathed his sword. At first I feared he would cut my new coat in half, but instead he used a skill and blasted the glass coffin to smithereens.


This was one of the moments when I wondered why the same skill didn’t have the same effect on enemies and stared wordlessly at my subordinate’s display of brute strength. Not only did he blew away the coffin, he also managed to shatter my impression of a cute puppy I had of him.

Furthermore, I suddenly had the slight suspicion that he tends to solve all problems with brute force. I just hoped that this suspicion wouldn’t come true, but the ice cold stare of a killer that Tian revealed for an instant when he destroyed the coffin somehow made me shiver and believe otherwise.

While fighting Toriel, I was too busy with other things so I didn’t notice the… brutal and ruthless nature of the one serving me.

Maybe I can fix this before it’ll cause any problems? Moreover, what is the trigger for this? I’m quite sure he was still polite towards Toriel…? Was he that coldblooded when we fought the vampire?


Before I could worry further over this issue, Tian had already returned to my side, smiling happily and wagging his tail as he presented my new equipment to me. He instantly reverted to his usual loyal-and-innocent-puppy like behaviour, as if the previous scene never happened. And with a “Here, my lord!” he completed the original “fetch game” I had imagined in my mind.


Was that ice cold expression and the killing intent which gave me the chills a product of my imagination? Oh, whatever! I’ll forget this! Time to check out the stats!!


Demonic Bat Coat

A coat made out of demonic bat leather, which reminds a bit of a bat’s wing. Only rich demons can purchase this rare material, making it a status symbol among demons.  


+200 HP

+100 Magic Evasion

+5% Defence


Restricted to players with the Demon Lord title, or Demons with a similar status.

Level restriction: 60+


Surprisingly, the stats were quite good compared to my current coat, and with my recent level-up I was able to equip it immediately. I looked again at my character information window and was really pleased to see the rise of my stats.




Max HP: 3720

Max MP: 692


Attack            462        Magic Attack            35

Defence        55        Magic Defence        24

Evasion        114        Magic Evasion        191

Accuracy        97        Magic Accuracy        17

Critical Attack    11


The coat had a very dark blue color, which could easily be confused with black, and the coat ends were ripped in a way that really reminded me of bat wings. It felt very comfortable to move in, and in my opinion my character had now a nobler and cooler appearance. The only downside was that the guild emblem which was displayed on my shirt was now covered by the coat, but I can easily deal with something like that in exchange for wearing better looking equipment.

I already knew that better looking equipment will appear once the player’s level increases, but finally seeing it on your own character sure is different from seeing the designs in the company. I was completely satisfied with my new coat!


“It looks great on you, my lord.”

“That’s a cool coat, congratz!”

“You are finally another step closer to being a villain…”


While Tian and Emeralda praised my new looks, Sion just had to put a damper on my mood. Not that I care much about it, after all, my character is a demon lord as well as an assassin, so it’s a given that I look like a villain! A cool and handsome villain of course!! I refuse to turn my character into some kind of third-rate villain.


Of course I tried my best to ignore the Astral Knight’s emotionless stare, which was an obvious sign that he still hadn’t forgiven me that his reputation with his own race dropped. And that he was probably still debating whether or not he should continue to go on quests with me.

But I’m innocent!!

I can’t help it if you forget about our two races history after all. And neither is it my fault if you get tricked into joining a guild. One should always be on guard in regards to requests of joining a guild in the first place.


Just when I thought this, Sion started to dangerously narrow his eyes. Did he notice what I was thinking!? Scary…

I better come up with a plan to cheer him up as soon as possible! Who knows how long he’ll secretly hold a grudge, and when he pays it back it will definitely be with interest.


While thinking this, I could only avert my eyes and hurriedly open the [Region Management] window in an attempt to escape reality for a little bit longer. While I was at it I also appointed some roles to Emeralda and Sion. The system had automatically given Tian the role of a “general”.


Demon Lord Region “Du’Thane”

A region ruled by a demon lord located at the eastern border of Tenebrae, the country of the demonic races, and the human Empire. After the death of the previous Demon Lord by the hands of a traitor, it was retaken by the Twilight Assassin Keruna and is now under his rule.

The region and its inhabitants suffered massive damage under the traitor’s long, unchecked rule. Since nobody stopped him as soon as possible, it will take time, money and effort for it to recover to its prior state. The current ruler is advised to improve the region’s state as fast as possible, especially repairs and the basic needs of the inhabitants should be taken care of. Aside from this, public health and order should be on your priority list as well, to prevent diseases from spreading, bandits from roaming around and riots from breaking out.

Tax money can barely be paid and can’t cover all expenses. The military was dissolved and the reconstruction of the region will take a long time. Due to the barren state of the region, the farmland has become exhausted and the inhabitants are beginning to starve. Villages are in a devastating state and important buildings must be repaired as fast as possible to improve the economical situation.

All Inhabitants, including the residing guild, will be under the effect of the buff  “Greater Blessing of Kemuel”, increasing their physical and magical defense by 5% while being in the region.


No heroes are currently attacking your territory. For the next seven days, you will be under the protection of Kemuel, the god of the demonic races, to allow you to manage your territory. If you fail to improve the state of the region within that timespan, be prepared to face the full might of Kemuel’s divine wrath!


Under the traitor’s rule, spots of miasma formed throughout the entire region. These areas are infamously known as [Miasma Suicide Spots]. Due to their extremely dense and lethal concentration of miasma, they attract people from all over the world who have the intention of ending their life in a “special and unique way”. Many of your subjects love to observe this unique spectacle, making them popular sightseeing spots.


Region’s Name: Du’Thane

Ruler: Demon Lord Keruna

Generals: Sion, Tian (NPC)

Castle Manager: Emeralda

Residing Guild: Emissaries of the Abyss (EotA)


Number of villages: 9

Total Population: 3822 (Warning: Population is falling because of the region’s disastrous state.)

Loyalty: 30% (Warning: Due to the traitor’s actions, the population has become disillusioned. In order to increase loyalty you have to prove yourself as a capable ruler.)

Allied regions: None

Hostile regions: None

Special Events: Currently None


Primary God: Kemuel

Kemuel’s Opinion about your region’s state: “If you lower life form don’t take better care of my believers, be prepared to receive my wrath! I give you one week!”

Regional Buff: Greater Blessing of Kemuel (Warning: If the region’s state isn’t improved soon, you’ll lose Kemuel’s blessing!)


Region’s Fame: devastatingly low (with the exception of the [Miasma Suicide Spots])

Political Power: very low

Military Power: non-existent

NPC Military Forces: 1

Economical Power: devastatingly low

Culture: low

Technology: very low



Hygiene: 15% (Warning: Diseases are spreading!)

Public Order: 10% (Warning: Riots are possible! Bandit gangs are on the rise!)

Food (storage): 25% (Warning: Your inhabitants are beginning to starve!)


Regional Specialities:

Demon Lord’s castle

Miasma Suicide Spots



Current Monthly Income:

Taxes: 0 gold (Warning: No Taxes are currently paid because of your region’s critical situation. Until the region’s state has improved, you won’t receive any taxes.)

Current Monthly Expenditures:

    Regular maintenance (Warning: No taxes are currently being paid. The deficit has to be covered through other means. See list below for current expenses.)

    Military spending (Warning: Because no taxes are being paid, the military was dissolved. The deficit has to be covered through other means. See list below for current expenses.)


Additional Regional Expenses -one time payments-:

Village Repairs: 800 gold

Castle Repairs: 200 gold

Farmland restoration: 500 gold

Additional Food costs until the farmland is restored: 100 gold


Military costs to recruit new soldiers and restore public order varies on the quality and amount of the enlisted soldiers. Please be aware that the soldiers usually have to be paid on a monthly basis and leave the army if they don’t get paid.

For more information on the soldiers and prices please open the [Military Recruitment] window.


Minimum requirement to increase public order to an acceptable state*:

“Demonic Lesser Golems” (10x) – 10 gold, no salary needed



“Demonic Lesser Golem (lvl 5)” basic info:

– one-time purchase; won’t respawn when killed

– price per golem: 1 gold; no monthly salary necessary but if paid, their equipment will automatically improve as soon as the level and money requirements are met

– can be equipped with breastplates, helmets and either lances or bows

– will be automatically equipped with a lvl 3 breastplate and lvl 2 lance

– can level up with time, combat training or by hunting monsters when added in a team with the ruler or his generals


*Note: The guild members of [Emissaries of the Abyss] were included in the above calculation for public order and regional defence.




Okay, I don’t know what I should comment on first!

There are just too many things out of the ordinary! But what did I expect… I shouldn’t be surprised at this point, right?!

I mean, what in all of the hells of Mirage of Eternity are these “miasma suicide spots”?! Heck, who wants to be the lord of a territory famous for people killing themselves, and even making it some kind of tourist attraction?! Who came up with this!! I have to slap some common sense into that person’s mind! Does this mean that there will literally be pilgrimages to my region to see or be part of suicide attempts!? Are you freaking kidding me?!


“Oh, I just got the confirmation that I’m now this region’s Castle Mana- uh… Keruna?”

“My lord?”

“Uh… Keruna are you alright?”


Of course I’m not!!!

I’m the new lord of the miasma suicide spots!!! How can I feel alright?!


Moreover the whole state of the region is a catastrophe thanks to that damnable drunkard of a fake demon lord! If I had known this before I would have instantly completed the quest…

I hope the guild has enough money to fix the state of the region. And there is yet another worry! I don’t want to personally find out how it feels to face the wrath of one of Mirage of Eternity’s gods.

One cold shiver after the other ran down my spine when I read the text and looked at the stats. I even had to turn my eyes away from the window multiple times to avoid fainting on the spot. Especially all the warning messages were killing me from inside out. By now even I realise that my expression must have been quite ugly.


“My lord?”

“Uh, Sion… Keruna’s face is constantly changing color from pale to black over purple to green and back to pale…”

“It looks like he can’t even hear us anymore.”

“Is it something worse than your loss of reputation…?”


I looked one last time at the window and felt like I was going crazy after I finally noticed something crucial. The name. The name of my new territory I rule over.

“Demon Lord Region Du’Thane” was clearly written on the top of the window. As it is written now it looked quite normal and like a kind of fantasy name but I read it differently knowing who my superiors were!

There is no way this can be a mere coincidence, right?!

Isn’t “Thane”¹ an old word for “henchman”? And if I add the “du”²… Are they telling me, in a half-messed up attempt, something similar along the lines of “you’re our henchman”?!

That… I already knew that I made a pact with not even one, but two devils when I signed my work contract. They don’t need to remind me of this!!


So they finally crossed the line and are revealing their true identity to the world by showing off their demon lord “henchman” with his territory’s name? I actually thought they were some strange kind of outer space creatures who managed to visit earth somehow and pose as humans, but they were in fact the devil himself split in two?

Now everything made sense to me… really. I think I finally found enlightenment!


While thinking all this with a twitching, creepy smile on my face, I completely forgot about my teammates who were weirded out. And even my dog Tian was starting to shiver in fear.


“M-M-My lo-lord?”

“Uh… Keruna? Earth to Keruna? He’s not answering and making a very scary face. Sion, do you think he’s going insane?”

“Sc-scary! I knew he sometimes acted like some kind of villain, but this is a new record!”


Fine!! I, Keruna, will accept this challenge! This evil henchman of yours shall hereby continue to serve the devils and show them how he reforms his region which he had been kindly granted by the devil’s compassion!


While laughing evilly I closed the region information window. Then I slowly turned my attention back to my teammates, my “good friends” who’ll help me conquer the human world…ehm I mean who’ll help me reform my region!


I silently stared at Sion and Emeralda before I started to give them a cold smile. Then I wordlessly sent them the region’s information and enjoyed the funny faces they made while speechlessly digesting that nice informational window.

Isn’t it nice to have good friends, as well as nice guild members, to share one’s suffering and pain with? If we all work together I’m sure we can endure the hard time of combating poverty! We should see it from the bright side:

Thanks to the territory being in such a bad state, many demons living in this territory probably emigrated or died, lowering the costs for food. Of course, the repair costs for the castle and village were the lowest ones for using the worst materials to fix them, but this will hold up for a while until we can invest more into rebuilding and expanding them. And in regards to the military matters…

I’ll pay them myself, I can at least invest 10 gold in the worst NPC guards we can get and put them under Tian’s care to train and level them up somehow.

All guild members will be busy for a while protecting the territory and grinding money, but in the long term we’ll have a nice guild headquarter and the costs will decrease if we divide them between all members!

Being in a guild really is nice and feels great!

At first, both of them were frightened by the costs, but as expected of our vice guild master, he already took a look at our guild’s savings and started to calculate.

“Can I leave my position as general and the guild right now?”

“Nope, Sion. You can’t do this for a month, remember? And that also will increase the costs for everyone else, right Emeralda?”

“Hmhm. That’s right.”


“But before we panic, let me finish calculating first, okay?”

“Hah, Keruna, don’t forget to repay me at some point of time for all this…”

“Uh, okay Sion. I’ll come up with something, so please stop giving me the evil eye…”


In the end, after many calculations, we found out that every member had to pay 3 gold coins and 40 silver to pay everything in a week’s time. It sure was lucky that we saved up a lot over the past months and had such a huge amount of money lying in our guild bank. Like this, the costs are bearable for everyone and I don’t have to face off the wrath of the demon race’s god either.

The region’s management was mostly left to my guild under Emeralda’s sharp cactus eyes. The received tax money of the territory, after a certain amount is put into our guild bank for future investments, will be divided equally between all guild members . At the moment, Sion will be a general in name only, but later on we plan to divide our territory’s NPC army between him and Tian to command in times of a crisis.


Needless to say, I’m still the owner of the castle and thus wasn’t able to laze around. Because Tian is an NPC, I’ll be in charge of making the crucial military decisions and have to make sure the army under Tian runs smoothly. So I have the same tasks Sion will have in the future….theoretically that is. What everyone except for me forgot was the advanced AI some major NPCs in ‘Mirage of Eternity’ possess!

NPCs like Tian can act independently once you give them some orders and even learn to a certain degree, so once I teach him “what he needs to know” I might not even have to do anything anymore.

But this will be a secret I’ll take to my grave if I have to.



After we discussed everything briefly and left the details for later, we talked a bit more about random topics to vent the accumulated stress from the quest. While doing so, we ate a chicken soup Sion cooked quickly for us and somehow the topic ended at the chicken we once fought. Emeralda noticed something while we reminisce about the past.

“But… isn’t it strange? Didn’t you and Sion get OHKed by that chicken boss?”

“Yeah, why is it strange?”

“Even for a level 100 boss monster, wasn’t it too strong compared to the event mid-boss we fought?”


Now that he mentions this… Maybe even the lich twins have less attackpower compared to that chicken? After all, none of the mid-bosses or even the lich twins’ skills are powerful enough to kill with a single attack. The only exception might be the players who disregard the minimum level requirement for the lich boss fight, but aside from this, one hit won’t be enough to kill off the players. Moreover, an event boss should be by far stronger than a regular boss monster…


What the hell was that chicken?! How overpowered did they make it?!


Hm, maybe it only had offense in the first place? With zero defence? Then it may be a glass cannon which can also be killed with one hit?

Either way it’s good that it was only a “joke” by my superiors and was already removed from the game.

“Maybe it was a bug?”

“Who knows~”

We talked like this for some time longer and after telling Tian that we would be gone for some time in order to prevent him from panicking again, we logged off for today.

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  1. German wiki link: The English equivalent to this wiki page is this one but the two links texts are differing wildly! As you can already see from the difference in length.
  2. German for the second person singular “you”. Keruna interprets and reads it as “You henchman” instead of taking it as a randomly made up fantasy name.


Comment from author & CS staff (highlight to read; a bit spoilerish):

Selkin: In fact his superiors really just came up with a random fantasy genre sounding name and it didn’t have any deeper meaning…xD This is also the reason why it doesn’t make sense from a grammatical POV. However, since the story is told by Keruna, his biased way of thinking turned even a made-up fantasy name into something completely different!

Namarox, Estoriel Conversation:

Namarox: I thought it was french; Du = “de le”, which translates roughly into “of the” IIRC.

So, in a certain sense, if Keruna is “Lord Keruna Du’Thane”, he would be “Keruna of the Henchmen” xD”

Estoriel: The actual history of that name (after asking the author) is as follows: She came up with a “random fantasy-name-xy sounding-something” and later googled if by any chance it exists in any form…and saw the thane wiki article… and actually remembered about it….and thought it perfect for Kerunas biased way of thinking….xD

But… it’s interesting to know about the french “du” too…xD

Looks like Kerunas fate is sealed once more…lol Not only by chance (authors made up word) but also in different languages!?


2 thoughts on “Chapter 8: The end of the demon lord quest

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