Hidden GMs Destiny

Hidden GMs Destiny Lich Arc

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Slice of Life

Status: ongoing

Original language: German


“Usually stories are weaved around the actions and tales of heroes or even villains, but this story is different. This story‘s main character is neither hero nor villain; you could say it’s about a mere guardian of a VRMMO1.

A guardian of a VRMMO? I’m actually referring to my job as a GM2 in a new VRMMO, Mirage of Eternity, which is currently surging in popularity amongst gamers of all ages and origins and is a major pain in the ass to operate. Especially if you’re actually one of the hidden GMs who have to keep a close eye on the players, go undercover to interact with them directly and find bugs which have to be fixed. But this is not the actual cause of agony for me…” (Taken from the Prologue)

¹Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Game

²Game Master


Extra Chapter Survey Link




Volume 1

Prologue: Hate your superiors to the core

Chapter 1: Chicken Assault

Chapter 2: Minstrel Disaster

Chapter 3: The Curse and the Lich Twins Awakening

Chapter 4: Food > Work > Keruna

Chapter 5: Lich Twin Mid-boss: “Sleeping beauty” Toriel I

Chapter 6: Lich Twin Mid-boss: “Sleeping beauty” Toriel II

Chapter 7: Defeat of the Lich Twin Mid-boss – Scaring a vampire away

Chapter 8: The end of the demon lord quest

Chapter 9: Scrollmaster Exelion (Part 1 // Part 2)

Chapter 10: Visitors (Part 1 // Part 2)

Chapter 11: Preparations for war (Part 1+Part 2)


Bonus Story: B-Side ♦ Chicken Talk

Bonus Story: K-Side ♦ Fortune Telling

Bonus Chapter: M-Side ⧫ Maeda and the sunflower manual

9 thoughts on “Hidden GMs Destiny

    1. Selkin Post author

      I’ve answered this question in one of my prior posts in detail here: https://selkinnovel.wordpress.com/2015/02/09/hidden-gms-destiny-chapter-2/
      It’s my own story and the final edited novel version in english as well as any german versions won’t be posted on my website (except maybe the prologue and one or two chapters).
      Everything which is posted on my website is written by me as stated here and Cave Scanlation only got permission to translate it (though I do give them some money for it despite them actually doing it for free): https://selkinnovel.wordpress.com/about-2/

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