Status update

There weren’t many updates for Hidden GMs Destiny in may because I’m injured right now and had to visit the surgeon. I’m still recovering but I hope that I can at least post the next chapter within this month. Because of the long time with no updates I decided to upload another oneshot, or better a series of oneshots (the chapters are all connected but each tells it’s own story), as an apology. Unlike Hidden GMs Destiny the chapters will be released irregulary though to not affect the Hidden GMs releases.


Meanwhile I have another poll regarding the future releases of Hidden GMs Destiny. It will be open until I release part 2 of the next chapter. This time you can vote for one of two options and it mainly affects the readers who read the part versions instead of the whole chapter and write comments.

Until now I released the chapters in parts and later on uploaded the whole chapter, while deleting the parts after a few days. Sadly, this will also remove the comments on these pages (and I feel really bad over this!!) because Worpress don’t seem to have an option to move them to a new page (aka the whole chapter versions). And because I feel bad about deleting comments I want you, as the readers, to decide if you prefer using the old way for posting updates, which is more convenient for the readers who read the parts and don’t wait for the full chapter versions, or if you prefer keeping the comments and have a bit more scrolling inconvenience.


Let me introduce you to the two options and their pro and cons.

1. Keep it as it is

Pro: It’s easier to continue reading from the point where you left off at the previous released part // no time wasted to search

Con: Comments will disappear // If you want your comment to stay you either have to post on the release post or wait until the whole chapter is released to post // Author has to manually remove the parts and feels bad about the lost comments


2. Change it to “highlight it with colour”

If I use this way, I’ll create tha page for the whole chapter, post the first part there and will colour-highlight the last sentence of the first part when I post the second part of the chapter, so you know where you left off last time when you read.

Pro: All comments will stay where they belong to and you have part 1+2 comments on a single page // Author don’t have to agonize about lost comments written by the awesome readers

Con: Extra effort/scrolling to search for the coloured sentence (=inconvenient) <–especially if you read on your mobile phone

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