Chapter 10 Part 2: Visitors

Author: Selkin

Translator: Estoriel

Proofreader: Namorax

Happy New Year!

He gave me an apologetic smile after realising his mistake and then spoke to the heroes, who still stared at my character’s demon lord title while gulping. If they continue to look at me in this fashion, I’m sure they’ll start drooling. This feels really disgusting…


“Sorry, I completely forgot to tell you guys. We got this castle over Keruna, who gave us permission to use it as our guild’s headquarter after he finished his demon lord quest. Please refrain from killing his character.”

Thanks Keradis! I knew I could count on you! At least one person who’s actually on my side!


One of the heroes smiled and then stepped forward in my direction. I really wanted to run, but in this kind of situation what else could I do than also come slooooowly, I repeat, slooowly at a snail’s pace, over to the small group.


“I’m Riot, the guildmaster of Silver Storm and Keradis’ cousin. This is my vice guildmaster Megido, as you probably already noticed we both managed to successfully finish the hidden quest for the hero class. Would you mind if we kill your character a few times? Our class really needs the extra points for special skills and we’ll reimburse you of course. You can also kill us a few times so you can get some points for the special skills you can earn thanks to your demon class title.”


While saying this, both took turns to shake my hand in a friendly manner. Smiling friendly, but the sentences they mixed into that introduction only gave rise to one thought:

Don’t shake my hand as a greeting when you practically say ‘Shall kill each other on regular basis?’!!! And please stop smiling while doing so!

“Oh that’s a great idea, Riot. I didn’t think about it. But is this alright? I mean I can imagine the GMs finding this out and punish us?”


I’ll totally do this!! Thanks for the unintended suggestion! I’ll even personally send you a message!

Riot looked over to Megido and shook his head.

“It’s fine as long as it’s not too often. There’s a limit to how often heroes can kill the same demon lord after all. Also, there’s an upper limit on how often demon lords can be killed per month. I think the limit was five times? Anyway, this was asked by another player with the demon lord title before and there was an official statement about this by Nightdragon Corporation.”


At this moment it was really hard to keep a friendly smile on my face.

Even if there is a limit but I still don’t want to get killed regularly! Screw this statement! I’ll find out the person and have a nice long talk with whoever decided this!


While they excitedly discussed this between themselves, Keradis nodded and already thought about the benefits of me getting some of the points for killing hero class players. Even if he didn’t say it, I could just imagine it from his thoughtful expression on his character’s face…

Looks as if my fate was sealed without my approval? Moreover, if it’s the truth that there really is a limit, I can’t do anything, because they follow the rules…

What’s with this kind of situation?!

Not to mention that I just lost my final ally! Even Keradis is betraying me now…


Next, I looked helpless over to Emeralda… yep, he was also nodding and seriously considering it.

Sion was… well he gave me at least a look of pity.

“Insolent human heroes! How dare you even think of harming my lord, I’ll personally will dispose of you!”

Oh, finally a true ally!!! Tian you’re still a loyal dog…ehm subordinate! But isn’t it still kinda sad to see that my only real ally is an NPC and not an actual human being? This… what do you call this feeling again…?


While I was sinking slowly into depression, Tian already drew his sword and was ready to protect me with his life.

The two heroes looked surprised at Tian and only noticed now that there was an NPC beside us.

Sadly, before Tian could attack them, Sion held him back and explained to him that they aren’t enemies but from a friendly guild doing an exchange with me. I hoped to see the heroes at least loosing a bit of their HP but to my disappointment nothing happened.

Sion managed to calm Tian down and stopped him from attacking, but my subordinate still glared daggers at them and stood even closer to me, ready to throw himself in front of me at any moment to block a possible attack.

Meanwhile the heroes were examining Tian closely and started to praise me for owning such a loyal NPC.

“Hmm… this is actually my first time seeing such a proactive NPC. How did you raise his loyalty stat to such a level?”

“Interesting. And he’s also level 65, for just receiving the castle and ownership of this NPC, he has a high level. Most demon lords have to invest quite some time to raise their minions to this level.”

I could only sigh and tell them the truth, after all they eagerly looked over to me to receive more informations.

“Uh…I don’t know, I just started the quest later?”


I really wished to stop this conversation, else I fear they soon will set a date when to kill each other…

I’ll again looked over to Keradis in hope that he’ll rescue me but… he and Emeralda were discussing the best options and skills to choose from for the demon lord title and which would benefit the whole guild the most, as well as the future growth of Du’Thane!

Just when I gave up all my hope to escape from the “heroes” – who felt more like villains bullying an innocent victim-, barrage of questions…

I suddenly saw a ray of hope from a person moving over to me, who previously only secretly watched the play, Exelion.

He walked in my direction and…. passed straight by my side to talk to Sion, who until now only could look at me with pity. So much about the last tiny bit of hope. It was extinguished faster than one could actually realise it was lost.

Okay, I understand, I’ll surrender!


“About the issue of killing each other…”

“Oh, right! I nearly forgot!”


I shouldn’t have said anything!!!

“How about tomorrow?”

That was suggested by Megido, who seemed to be unable to wait any longer to kill me. Luckily I have to concentrate more on desk work and won’t be able to log into the game before the event, so I safely could avoid an early death.


“Sorry, but I have to work on an important project. My company’s workload won’t allow me to log in until the start of the lich event.”

Both looked a bit dejected but nodded in understanding.

“Okay, then right after the event, we’ll contact you then to discuss where and when.”

I nodded in agreement and could only resign to my fate.

Well, at least I can kill them as well and fill up two kill spots so I have to worry less about other heroes. Or I at least hope I can decrease my chances of randomly getting killed by complete strangers…


After they were done with their discussion they went back to Keradis and Emeralda to continue their discussion about the lich event and confirm each other’s guilds as allies.

For this, both parties had to sign a document they could purchase at the guild creation building. Once the document was signed I couldn’t attack any guild members from Silver Storm and they couldn’t attack me, unless I send them a challenge and the other party accepts it. If I meet a member from their guild, the Silver Storm tag over their head will also be highlighted in green and if one of our guilds receives a guild war challenge, the allied guild will also be informed and has the opportunity to take part in it.

Wait. Now that I think about it…

They can’t attack me as long as we have the alliance or I accept their challenge for a duel. Then why did I agree to their “kill-each-other-suggestion”?! Am I stupid?!


Meanwhile, Tian still glared at the heroes and didn’t blink even once to not overlook the slightest movement indicating a sudden attack.

That guy sure is distrustful to others, but today he gained more of my own trust!


I still deeply regretted my prior agreement and turned around dejectedly to stroll over to Sion and Excelion to see what they were up to. Listening in on their conversation they were actually talking about the haircolor of Sion’s character.


“I see. Your character is an Astral Knight and depending on your elemental affinity he can change his hair color. How interesting. I didn’t know this was possible. I thought a Sylph’s hair color could only be changed with hair dyes.”

“Yeah, I was also surprised. After all, a male Sylph’s natural hair color is silver. I figured it out when I changed my class and the fire elemental affinity increased for the first time.”

Now that they were talking about this, it was indeed true that one of the Sylph race’s features is the gender specific hair color.

Male Sylphs have a white-silver hair color while females have a golden one. I don’t know why, but I can already imagine the team working on their designs having a conversation like “They are a divine race descended from gods so we have to give them a special haircolor. To show this, let’s use silver and gold!”.

While thinking this, I noticed that Excelion bought a new emerald colored robe for his Sylph. Not only that, it also seems to be a robe which wasn’t officially released yet?

Don’t tell me he’s using the excuse of “I got it from a quest” if a player asks where he got it. So much about Hidden GM’s not enjoying their many special privileges compared to the general players while using our regular character for undercover work…

Is this really alright?

Kaje is often RPing with Exelion, so she should know about it. Does Exelion use the excuse of “before we bring it into the game, let me test it out?”.

“Sion, why don’t you wear the Sylph racial clothing? It’s a bit sad to see your character wear western-styled heavy armour. If you need any good recommendations, just ask me!”

Ah…He’s trying to slowly turn Sion into a roleplayer and drag him off to the Sylphs territories? Shall I intervene before it’s too late?

“That’s nice of you but I prefer this equipment style. I was never a fan of the Sylph race’s armours. This one looks more like a knight outfit.”


Haha. Exelion failed badly at getting Sion to wear the racial clothing. Moreover telling this to such an rp addict straight to his face is just too funny to watch.

I couldn’t stop myself from grinning and when Exelion noticed it, he secretly sent me a message.

-Even the players you are close to are no fun!T_T


Exelion sighed and decided it was time to leave our side again. Looks like he noticed that Sion is a hard nut to crack? Haha.

“It was fun to talk with you, but sadly I have an appointment with some of your guild members to RP. I have to go now, but if you’re interested you can join us any time!”

He smiled but it suddenly froze on his face.

“What’s RP?”

An innocent question, but one with a great destructive power. It was a very effective blow against Exelion. After all, Mirage of Eternity was very famous for being the perfect environment to RP and even advertised as such. So most player knew what roleplaying was.


After the first shock, Exelion patiently tried to explain it to Sion, but that guy couldn’t really understand why people would RP. Well, some people just have zero interest in it, so give up Exelion. Just accept reality! Muahaha.

In the end Exelion could only retreat in disappointment while Sion was still wondering why people would RP inside a game.

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  2. TsukiNoHono

    Happy late new year Selkin-chii your comment section is still as ever huh *mutters degectedly* wish you have a great year and wonderin’ why I cant see your release in NU? And lastly take care and have a good health while TLing the constant tortures of our tsukommi imbued hidden GM~

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      Thanks, happy new year to you too!^^
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      Thanks, though I’m not translating but writing the story!=D~ I’m the one doing the torturing to our hidden GM and the translators/proofreaders~ Hehe~

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    Yep, I’m german. Author yes, translator no. Cave Scanlation is taking care of translating and proofreading…xD (Who translated etc is written at the top of each chapter^^)

    *got hit by the pokeball instead of lil’ cliffy* I usually try to avoid cliffs as much as possible but looks as if I failed?xD

    Sadly I can’t translate jp, kr or chin so that’s out of the question except I find a reliable translator. And if I would only do this with the authors approval of course.

    Thanks!^^ And I’m really happy that you enjoy the story so far. If you have some points were to improve on feel free to write them down. I’m always open for critism so I can improve!^^


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