Gods Ordeal – Story 6

Fashion Trend

Far from any humans line of sight lies the realm of the gods. A world inhabited by gods from different cultures, eras, worlds, and universes, created for the sole purpose of having a single place to meet up with each other. Many of them even devoted most of their time in this realm. Some even used the chance to peacefully work without being disturbed, others used this world to relax and have some fun….

….or talk about the recent “fashion trends”.

The sky was cloudless and the temperature was rising at an unbelievable high rate in the realm of the gods, more specifically at a certain place – the beach area. This phenomenon was caused by two different sun gods, of two different worlds. Both came to a certain meeting held by the God of Fortune and their godly powers made two suns appear above their location, heating up the area more than necessary.

One was the notorious Sun God Creus who loved to mess around with others and only joined the meeting for his own entertainment. The other one was Horus, an ancient god from a planet called earth, who came to help his good friend the God of Fortune Rimel to solve a crucial problem. Both of them were invited along with the god of destruction Valderas, the storm god Amantis, and Freya the Goddess of Beauty who also belonged to the gods of the so called earth planet.

All of them were sitting on luxurious sunloungers under a huge pavilion made out of finest cloth which could only be found in the realm of gods. While these five gods were enjoying their time chatting away, other gods who intended to pass their time at the beach decided to leave to avoid the heat radiating from the two suns. Seemingly competing on which one has a higher temperature and thus prove their own higher status in power, the surrounding area was quickly abandoned.

“Am, can’t you do something about these two?”

The first one to succumb under the increasing heat was Freya who grew quite annoyed over the two men’s competition of supremacy.

“Hah, they are always like this when they meet. Horus takes pride in his powers and Creus… probably just joins in the competition for mere entertainment and to keep himself from being bored while we wait for Rimel. I doubt they would listen to me but I can cool us down with some wind.”

While saying this Amantis already started to gather cold wind around the three victims of the two sun gods.

“Oh, this is perfect. Thanks Amantis. It’s really great that you joined the meeting else we would get cooked. I wonder when Rimel will appear? Isn’t he late?”

Now enjoying the nice cool air even Valderas joined their conversation while glancing over to the two sun gods who sat opposite to each other drinking some juice and playing cards. He really wondered how they could have two competitions at the same time.

“That’s a good question~ I’m really getting bored~ Oi, Horus can’t you be less boring?”

With this Creus threw the cards away he was holding and stretched his body lazily. Now seemingly bored from playing cards, he focused his attention towards the other three god’s conversation.

“Why are you even here in the first place if you only cause trouble? Can’t you see that all the other gods left long ago because you heated up the area unnecessarily? Even the small bean gods shrivelled up and had to be carried away!”

“Eh? Hm, I’m totally innocent~ It was all Horus fault for increasing the heat~ I merely thought you wanted to test out whether you could dry up the ocean and I thought I could accompany you in that grand plan~~”

Horus’ sharp falcon eyes turned into slits after hearing that nonchalant and playful remark. But before he could retort to this, Freyas patience found it’s end.

“You two stop screwing around already! Horus, you started it with your idiotic competition regarding who of you two sun gods is stronger! And you Creus, stop fooling around and using Horus as your plaything to get rid of your boredom. We all, aside from Horus maybe, know that you don’t even take such a competition seriously. So you two, stop making trouble for others already. As you said the bean gods already fell victim! Who knows how long it will take for them to recover from this. You two are high ranked gods, you should care more about the low ranked gods who can’t protect themselves from your strong powers.”

Amantis and Valderas could only give their agreement with a grim nod. To be lectured this way made Horus a bit embarrassed and he could only apologize in a weak voice. Meanwhile Creus waved his hand once and completely ignored Freyas’ rebuke. This made the goddess even more angry but before she could continue to  reprimand them, the root of the whole situation -the God of Fortune- appeared.

“Yoi, I’m sorry for being late but I had to take care of something~”

With that single sentence all heads turned towards the direction the voice came from and everyone was petrified on the spot due to the sudden shock.

The God of Fortune, Rimel, had changed his old appearance from an old white-haired man to that of a….

“…. slime!!!”

After the shock everyone could only speak out that single word.

“Yep! You guessed right.”

Rimel instantly hopped over to Freya and sat beside her and had a rather proud look.

“I thought I would better change my appearance. It’s been a long time ago since I last changed my looks~ After thinking a bit I decided that it would be too boring having a humanoid body so I was looking for a refreshing and new look. While observing the territory I govern over,I saw a little slime chewing on some herbs and had the brilliant idea to start a new fashion trend among gods!”

Amantis and Valderas were still speechless, Freya seemed to be fighting an inner battle, while Creus was trying to not burst out into laughter by continuously shivering and holding his right hand over his mouth in a desperate attempt to stifle any escaping sound. The one who first recovered was Horus.

“Uhm… Rimel why did you decide to take on a slimes appearance?”

With a smug smile Rimel sniggered and started his explanation.

“Fufufu. You probably will understand it best! After all, you followed that trend on earth where you guys changed  into either animals or beings with the head of an animal and a human body.”

“Of course. That was super popular back then.”

“Nowadays it’s mainstream to have a humanoid body and it kinda gets boring right? So I wanted to start the monster trend! More precisely this slime appearance~ I also found some other gods who might join me in this trend~”

Horus gave it some thought and could only nod in agreement as one of the fewer gods who still followed an appearance trend which was rare at the current times.

That was the moment when Amantis and Valderas worried for the future of the gods and gave each other a worried look.

“Haha… Brilliant idea, Rimel, please go ahead, I’m supporting you~~ Hahaha.”

Meanwhile Creus was already lying on the edge of his sunlounger and on the verge of falling off because of a massive laughing fit.

“I knew you would all support me in this! I really love this new body~ I mean it’s cute, squishy and elastic. Moreover also easy to take care of~ I also can save myself the trouble of wearing clothes. The smooth structure is very nice to touch as well!”

Neither did he notice Valderas’ and Amantis’ worried looks nor the fact that Creus was making fun of him, and thus he happily chattered away and was bouncing up and down. At that moment Freya suddenly caught him and squeezed him, afterwards she rubbed her cheek against the god of fortune’s new body.

“Wow! This feels really nice! It’s indeed smooth~ And on a closer look, slimes really are quite cute!! Please stay like this!”

“Thanks Freya~ Ah…it tickles~~”

Now Horus eyes grew wide and he started to mumble something along the lines of “Damn, now he’s popular with the goddesses!” to which Amantis only gave a disapprovingly glance.

After Freya enjoyed the touch of a green slime, she let Rimel sit on her lap and Valdera could finally ask the most crucial question.

“But Rimel… What was the problem you wanted to discuss with everyone? You don’t seem unhappy in any way, did you already solve it?”

“Ah! Right, thanks for reminding me Valval! There is a really important question I wanted to ask everyone. I need your honest opinion.”

Everyone now focused on the slime in a serious matter and even Creus finally was able to return to a more serious state while wiping away a tear from laughing too hard. The God of Fortune closed his eyes and when he opened them again he asked his question in a very serious manner.

“What color shall I choose?”


Once more everyone aside from Rimel was speechless and couldn’t grasp what Rimel had asked. Noticing that the other gods couldn’t follow his train of thoughts he decided to explain the situation further.

“The color of my new body of course! Looky, I’m actually pondering over three colors… White, silver and a golden tone. I just can’t decided which I shall choose, please help me!”

At this moment Creus couldn’t hold back his laughter and rolled around the sunlounger unable to even give the question a serious thought.

“Hahaha, I’m dying!”

“Creus, you can’t die… you’re immortal…”

“Ahahaha,  I knew it was worth coming here to get rid of my boredom~”

Ignoring the exchange between the two sun gods Freya gave the question a serious thought after she recovered from the second unexpected shock of the day.

“Hmm… Yeah this is a crucial question! I also wonder what color my clothes should have every day for hours. Can you change colors so we can see how it looks like?”

“Sure thing~”

After changing his color thrice and demonstrating his color choices, Freya thought for a bit and finally came to a conclusion.

“I would choose either white or gold. The silver one looks a bit too metallic for my tastes while the golden toned one seems more natural.”

“Hm~ Okay, Valval, what do you think?”

Valderas was startled that the conversation changed suddenly to himself and had to think about his reply first. After a bit of hesitation he finally answered with a  diplomatic answer.

“I think all three colors are nice in itself.”

“And you Amam? What do you think?”

“Uff… I think all colors could work but… Honestly saying, silver is indeed a bit too much. White gives off a divine feeling but it could be seen as an ‘albino slime’ instead in an adventurer’s eyes and I believe you prefer not being attacked for being mistaken as a rare slime monster, right? I think the golden tone would be best but I would suggest adding some kind of divine aura to prevent getting attacked by anyone when you go down to the mortal realm.”

With this the God of Fortune fell into silence thinking about Amantis’s advice before asking the remaining two gods for their opinion in regards to it.

“And what do you two think?”

“Amantis brought up a valid point here. Back when I changed into a falcon while flying around the mortal realm there were indeed some stupid humans trying to shoot me off a few times. You really shouldn’t forget to radiate a divine aura while travelling around. Personally I like the golden tone the best.”

“I have to agree this time with Horus, as a sun god of course I vote for the golden tone~ Furthermore as the God of Fortune wouldn’t it fit your image nicely too?”

Rimel finally nodded with a happy expression and changed into a golden tone. Then he bounced off Freya’s lap and flattened his body in a thankful gesture to transmit his gratitude to his friends.

“Thanks a lot everyone! Now that this color problem is solved, I can finally present this new appearance to my followers and start the new era of the ‘slime fashion trend’! I’m sorry but I have to instantly meet some other gods who are interested in changing their appearance and spread around the new trend~~ Thankies!”

And with this the God of Fortune hopped away at an amazing speed bouncing happily around while whistling.

Not long after Rimel left Creus showed off an evil smirk.

“Won’t he get attacked? I mean in his world the adventurer occupation is quite popular and a slime is… the first victim of beginner adventures. Even with a divine aura. Humans aren’t very bright and perceptive, I fear they won’t notice that their supposed slime prey is actually a high-ranking god.”

“Aahh… you old sadist. You should have told him that straight away, you know? Will he be fine?”

“Hm~? But ‘Amam’ already warned him~?”

“Urgh… Stop calling me ‘Amam’. It’s fine if Rimel is using it but I get goosebumps if you use it Creus…”

Valderas tried imagining the scene of an adventurer suddenly attacking an innocent golden colored slime and hereby getting blown away in a fit of rage by the said “slime”.

“Oh no, he’ll die…”

“Hm? How shall Rimel die? Even if twenty dragons attack him he shouldn’t even receive a scratch.”

“Nono, Freya… I don’t mean Rimel…”

“Hehe, I’m sure ‘Valval’ was thinking about a poor adventurer getting blown away to pieces~ I should visit Rimel’s world and watch this scene~”

Now it was Valderas turn to start shivering knowing Creus character of causing trouble on purpose and watching the spectacle to pass his time not being bored.

“More importantly what will you two sun gods do about the beach? It’s already turning into glass…”

It was Freya who reminded the two sun gods about their heat battle which secretly continued onwards without a break.

“I leave that to Horus~~ After all I’m compleeetly innocent here~”

“Uhhh… Sorry, I forgot about this…”




“Let us just skip this topic and return to Rimel?”

Everyone nodded to Valderas suggestion and like this the five gods continued talking about today’s events and, aside from Creus who eagerly wanted a show to unfold, couldn’t decide on the matter of warning Rimel once more to be careful.

Thus another day in the realm of the gods came to a closure and a new fashion trend was started.

Translator: Estoriel

Proofreader: ATK-49

8 thoughts on “Gods Ordeal – Story 6

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  2. Hartesya

    My stomach hurts! 😂
    My response when Rimel asked which colour should he choose is also ‘Wut?’..
    But it’s fitting for a God of Fortune since gold slimes usually drops a lot of cash in games and they’re quite rare..
    Thanks for translating this! ♡

    P.S.: This chappie is a shoutout to Tensei Slime ri~te? Rimuru Rimel?

    1. Selkin Post author

      Uh..I don’t know why but every time I post my comment half of it disappears for unknown reasons (middle half) so I try posting it in two parts now..>_-<" It probably was hidden behind the other comments.

      Good that you enjoyed it so much x3

      Edit: This method worked…Really I want to know what kind of error wp had here..>-<"

      1. Selkin Post author

        Haha, as much as I like to read Rimurus story as well but nope, it’s not a shoutout…xD (sadly?)
        Actually the god of fortune is far older than Rimurus story and the names origin comes from a friends name (who has a similar personality to the god of fortune!), of course with said friends permission. Just one letter was exchanged and another disappeared (Riedel–>Rimel).
        But honestly, I don’t know why but I didn’t even notice their names being kinda similar until you told me, especially because it’s so long ago that the character was created. (Maybe this is good material for a fanfic about the god of fortune meeting a certain slime and cuz their names were kinda similar and the slime looked cute to him, he decided that very moment to change his own appearance into a slime? Hm…maybe I write that in german for fun…xDDD)

  3. Ruubix

    hmm maybe he could fix the “being mistaken” problem by riding on a dragon or wearing a crown of slime or something. Either way I hope his followers spread the news quick; lives are at stake!


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