Extra Story: My Beautiful Self (Gustav POV)

Attention: Please read the information giving in this post first so you can fully enjoy the story!

Translator: Estoriel

Proofreader: Tsukiko

My day started just like every other day; it was, as always, a nice day!

Yes, yes, a wonderful start to the day.

To start your day off in the best possible way, you should first enjoy a decadently long soak in the crystal clear waters of the azure coloured astral plane. Only here can one find the waters that make the skin silky smooth and shiny; even more so in my favourite spot, where the astral energies are strongest.

The next step, after soaking in this beautiful water which leaves me feeling tingly all over, is to do some eye exercises.

The eyes are very important and must always be clear and in perfect condition. They are, after all, the windows of the soul, and since my soul is gloriously beautiful, my eyes must always be in pristine condition – always.

The best exercise is to stare between the myriad of astral planes searching for the smallest traces of life; like finding humans on that little blue planet whose name escapes me right now.

They’re such funny little beings who know what true beauty really is. I like them a lot! I often leave my own astral plane to visit their little planet to give them a glimpse of my beautiful self. They really seem to enjoy looking at me and always display their keen eye for beauty; some even scream my name!

Needless to say, my name itself is one of the words they use to describe beauty!

There are even some humans, devout fans of mine, who call themselves “The Believers”. When you are as handsome as I am, with hordes of adoring humans watching your every move, one has to take good care of their body as well. This means your body and mind needs to be in perfect condition to satisfy the keenly perceptive human eye that is so attuned to appreciate exquisite beauty.

After tending to my skin and eyes, the next and final step in the care of my handsome appearance is to give some attention to my shiny, drop-dead gorgeous wings.

Wings are very important and grants me a lot of respect in the human world!

They are also very fashionable – I love my wings! I was born with three beautiful pairs and as soon as I spread them, everyone, from my best and dearest friends to the lowliest subordinates, are in complete awe.

I swear, if they could, they would steal my wings!

So every day, I start off by doing some wing exercises by flying around to the different astral planes, which naturally also brings me a lot of attention and jealous stares. Then I sprinkle some dark astral energy on them.

This makes the feathers all fluffy and gives them a darker feel, with just a hint of a purple glow, the ultimate fashion of my astral plane! It’s really important to layer this energy three times over the wings though. You really do get the best results by doing it this way.

But please, don’t share this trade-secret of mine~

Yes, as always, my day started out very well!

I had just finished taking care of my body, as per my usual schedule, and was wondering how I should spend my wonderful day, when there was a call from one of my fans in The Believer Club!

They always call me at the perfect time~

Not only do they have the greatest appreciation for my beautiful self, but they always seem to know the best time to call to see my handsome appearance! And they always have some nice presents for me every time they call. The human race is really great, especially my beloved fans.

Naturally, I would hasten to answer their summons.

The problem though is how to present myself to them in the best possible way. So I pondered briefly how I would appear before them on this fine day. I ended up choosing to emerge from the deep sea, sprinkling water droplets about which would give a nice glittering effect, shining in the bright sunlight of the human world.

Yes, this would be a splendidly dramatic way of making my entrance!

With that, I set the plan in motion and a short time later, I appeared, just as planned, in the human world, water droplets sprinkled and sparkling around me.

With the glittering and shining water droplets giving my handsome appearance the final touch, I made an elegant move to finish the wonderful picture I created and greeted my fan, The Believer, with my most elegant voice and moved my head in her direction.

The females especially seem to love me which makes me a bit shy and causes me to blush every time~

But this only adds to my natural appeal even more!

I always greet my fans by calling my own name, which, as you remember, is the human’s word for beauty itself, and is my affirmation of their keen sense of appreciation. And they always warmly and enthusiastically greet me back in the same fashion.

It truly touches my heart that they are such great creatures who know what a wonderful being I am!

The fan who sought my attention today is someone I’ve seen several times in my life already and who always brings me such nice presents.

So touching! Something like this makes me always smile and teary eyed~

Beside her was a human who I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet. But he too also seemed to know what true beauty was because he was gazing at me with eyes so wide he couldn’t possibly have missed any details of my well-formed body.

I could see that he was saying something, but his voice was so low, I regrettably couldn’t hear a thing. He must have been praising my handsome appearance!

My fan responded to his words. How nice – they talk about beautiful, glorious me!

Oh humans! You sure know how to treat such a great being like myself!

To avoid being rude, as someone of my beauty would never be, I looked around to see what gift – what the humans call an offering – my fan intended to present to me this time. Delightedly, I spotted… a new toy!!

Oh this is really nice~ I really like toys~

This fan knows me very well. This is such a nice toy, expertly crafted of the finest woods and some white… uh… what do the humans call it again…?

A white cloth? … A sail?

Yes, I think this is the right word.

The humans also like to play with these toys. They use them to cross the oceans, to watch the little fishes pass them by, to catch the little fishes and play with them.

They also like to race their toys, quarrel over who has the nicest one and play that game where they try to snatch trinkets, like treasure boxes filled with gold pieces, from each other. That’s a really funny and enjoyable game to watch.

They form two teams, one called “merchants” and the other called “pirates”. It must be one of their favourite games as the humans seem eager to play it every day.

I am so honoured that they give me such a valuable present and allow me to play their favourite game with them!

To win the game, you only have to make it so that they are unable to keep their gold. The easiest way and the way I always do it – is to squish them!

Thus, as gracefully as possible, I leapt out of the water, and using my impeccable aim and precise landing skills, I targeted the tiny spot below – the little floating toy, my ticket to winning this fun game!

A small cracking noise, barely audible to me, signalled that I just won the game.

In what seemed like only an instant, the game was over. I headed to the ocean’s floor to collect all the gold as my prize for winning the game, taking it home with me as my souvenir from my latest trip to the human world.

I bid farewell to my fan and her companion and left the human world.

What a perfect and fulfilling day I had!

Another wonderful day lived to the fullest; another glorious ending to another splendid chapter in my beautiful Book of Life. Could there possibly be anything better in life than one filled with beautiful and shiny things?

Nope~ No! Wait…!

Of course there’s something nicer! How could I forget?! Oh! Shame on me!

The best life is indeed as I’ve just described, as well as having a huge fan club, The Believers, getting nice presents and being the object of jealousy and desire~

Yes, my life is great!

Thus I could only exclaim my famous catch phrase and the greeting words which my followers also return to me every time I get summoned. The words which have my name in it and are used to describe beauty itself.

Me Gustav¹~

¹Note: The “Me Gustav” is not a typo… but the result of a certain giant prawns misunderstanding and changing human language (his followers great him this way when he appears) aka… a mix of a bad “I’m Gustav” and “Me gusta“….

Also for everyone who is fine with spoilers for KoR (highlight to see):

This extra chapter depicts one scene in the main story from Gustavs POV. In this scene he’s summoned by the female MC Eris who is a true avid follower of him. She as a follower was indeed happy to be able to call upon the mighty Gustav, while the male MC, Kyrill, was shocked to the core. Until that summoning scene he never believed in Gustavs existence and even after witnessing the chaos Gustav brought upon the pirates (who chased the two MCs) he prefers to rather forget everything he saw….. Mainly Gustav….

The following text….

Beside her was a human who I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet. But he too also seemed to know what true beauty was because he was gazing at me with eyes so wide he couldn’t possibly have missed any details of my well-formed body.

I could see that he was saying something, but his voice was so low, I regrettably couldn’t hear a thing. He must have been praising my handsome appearance!

My fan responded to his words. How nice – they talk about beautiful, glorious me!

…refers to a discussion where Eris is praising Gustavs appearance and tries to convince Kyrill that Gustav is amazing and the one true god everyone should follow. While Kyrill is still trying to strongly deny the very existence of Gustav and that he’s only having some kind of nightmare.

Meanwhile Gustav imagines their conversation similar to this:

“Wow, look at that handsome god!”

“That splendor, that beauty!!!”

“I can’t stand this much beauty, I’ll soon faint. How can there be something that beautiful existing?!”

“Such handsomeness is a crime~~ Kyaaa!!”

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