Gods Ordeal – Story 2

Translator: Estoriel

Proofreader: Cal-Lei

Hero (?) Summoning


Far from any human’s line of sight lies the realm of the gods. A world inhabited by gods from different cultures, eras, worlds, and dimensions created solely for the purpose of having a single place to meet.

Many have devoted their time in this realm. Some use the chance to peacefully work without disturbance, while others use this world to relax and have some fun…

…or have a serious talk about their recent troubles while enjoying a massage!



Two gods were lying on fluffy massage clouds beside each other and indulged in being kneaded by two members of the heavenly cat race. A race renowned in the realm of the gods for their mastery in massaging gods.

“Hah… Cat massages are truly the best, right? I told you these guys would know what to do. Miss Mau, can you knead a bit more to the left? Ah, right there… Thanks. This is heaven I tell you~”

One of these gods, a god who reigns over nature with the fitting name Silvan, was in complete bliss and couldn’t stop praising the skills of these heavenly cats.

While the other god known as Silvanus could only shoot him a poisonous glare.

He was also a nature god, but was in charge of a different world.


Despite Silvanus mood improving a bit, he was still in a bad mood.

“You’ve been praising them for over five minutes already! Didn’t we meet so I could tell you my recent troubles and you wanting to listen? Why is it that you’re the only one talking?! Oi…and stop drifting into dreamland!”

Unfinished with his speech, Silvanus  had already thrown a stone he created from nothingness over at his stupid brother to wake him up. With a yawn, Silvan opened his eyes again and looked drowsily at his twin.


“Come on, brother. You should enjoy yourself some more. Wasn’t it solved anyway? Look at your twin here, I’m totally enjoying this! Just do the same and relax.”

Never before had Silvanus felt such a strong urge to just slaughter his brother. He could only narrow his eyes even more and intensify his glare. This finally showed an effect on Silvan who finally gave a nervous smile.

“Okay, okay. I’ll stop. Sorry… I just wanted to tease you a bit. Was it really that bad? What made you this angry anyway?”

Silvanus turned his head away and started to narrate his story of sorrow.

“You know that there are two races living on the world I’m in charge of, right? Actually, it all began with the demon lord… After the ascension of the new demon lord, everything had changed. Unlike his predecessor, he’s insanely strong and smart. In just a decade’s time, he managed to train his followers to a level where the human heroes of my world couldn’t deal with him any longer. So each fell after the other.

With the balance broken, the demon race’s power were at a unseen level and left the humans in panic and despair. They started to pray to us gods for protection against the demon lord’s army. In the end, we gods decided to summon a hero of another world to slay the demon lord…”


While Silvanus narrated, Silvan nodded from time to time.

“Hmm… This does sound worrisome. So the demon lord was the problem that gave you guys a heada…?”

Not long after Silvan said this his twin’s anger flared instantly and he swallowed the word he intended to say.

“I wish it would be that way! But it wasn’t the demon lord, it was the heroes!!!”



Puzzled, Silvan looked over to his brother who had an expression on his face as if he was ready to kill someone.

“You know that we gods decided long ago to stay directly uninvolved and prevent the use of our powers in that world. So unable to do anything, we could only summon these bastards!

The first hero we summoned was really eager to do the task and instantly agreed. So we gave him a standard holy sword and armour and sent him off.

But the scum didn’t even attempt to see the demon lord!”

“Uh, he didn’t? Was he scared in the end?”

Silvanus only clicked his tongue before he continued telling his story.

“I wouldn’t have minded if that was the case. He wasn’t scared but instead, intended to create his own harem! That skirt chaser went to one woman after another and completely ‘forgot’ his original task!!! Even when we reminded him he just said stuff like, ‘It’s necessary for him to win against the demon lord!’ As if anyone would believe such an excuse.”

Silvan could only gape hearing this and wondered who chose such a hero in the first place and from which world the hero came from.

He already felt pity for his brother.


“At some point, we were all so annoyed that we pressured the evil god in charge of the demon race to relay all the hero’s information including all weaknesses to the demon lord! All to get rid of that harem bastard and rescue our reputation as gods. Luckily, that worked out well and the assassin sent by the demon lord succeeded.”


When Silvan heard this, he was speechless and had a hard time imagining how bad the situation must have been for his fellow gods to use such drastic measures.

This was the first time in his life hearing of a summoned hero being “secretly” assassinated by the gods who summoned him…

“After the failure, we took special care to prevent the same mistake of sending another harem idiot. So we looked for a normal person. When we finally decided to summon the guy…we DID get a normal human being. But he was just too normal.”

“Too normal?”

“Yes. When we summoned and told him about the demon lord, that guy instantly refused the task with, “This isn’t my problem! I’m not even of this world. Just look for someone else and send me back already!” So in the end we gave up on that disappointing person.

Well, at least that one didn’t piss me off. No, actually…after all that’s happened I actually like that guy the most….”


Silvan could only nod silently but he couldn’t prevent himself from asking about the third summoning.

“And then you summoned the third hero? What happened then?”

That was the part where his brother looked ominous making him instantly regret the question. He’s never seen his usually kind brother show an expression like one an evil god would wear in rage.

“The third one! He was the worst of all of them! The worst, I tell you!!! That tricky bastard! When we summoned him, he looked like the hero we actually wanted. Just perfect. Strong, brave and a non-harem idiot who seemed capable and friendly. He looked like a hero from the picture books of the human race. Heck, he was even a handsome guy with blond hair and blue eyes… Seriously… an old stereotypical hero!”

Silvan blinked and really couldn’t understand the situation anymore.


“Then why was he the worst?”

“World domination…”



Looking even more puzzled than before, Silvan couldn’t follow his brother anymore. Noticing this, Silvanus started to explain.

“He tricked us. When we summoned him, he must have noticed that we can’t directly influence the world. So instead of slaying the demon lord, he planned to conquer the world and rule as it’s only king!

He started low… Doing heroic deeds in the beginning, he made us and the humans believe he was the hero we waited for. Then he married the princess of the largest human kingdom. Not long after, the king of that country had suddenly died. Because there was no male successor, our hero who married the princess was crowned the new king. Well, no one was suspicious at first because he still kept a low profile.

As the new ruler, he started to increase the military power to ‘fight against the demon army and slay the demon king.’ Afterwards, there were strange occurrences in the kingdom.

So after some ‘investigations’ by the king, it was found that the other human kingdoms near the border were responsible.

Our ‘hero’ used this as an excuse to start a war with the other kingdoms to, ‘Unify humanity before the war against the demons,’ That’s how we knew his true colors.”

Silvan looked shocked at his brother and really wondered why they had such bad luck with their summoning. To get such strange people sure is a skill.

Or has humanity decayed that much? The greed of some humans sure is terrifying…


“The guy nearly conquered all of the surrounding countries and by then, he stopped concealing  his true personality and turned into a true tyrant. He mistreated the people badly that it was far worse than anything the demons did!

Once the demons take over a country; they manage it well, rebuild whatever was destroyed, improve the infrastructure and even create jobs. While humans have a far low standing in their society, they’re still treated fairly.

Honestly, even the slaves of the human countries have it far worse than any human living under the demon race…”

Now it made Silvan wonder how the supposedly evil demons were far better rulers than the hero who was supposed to be the hope of humanity and their rescuer from evil.


“When the demons heard about the ‘so called’ hero, even they were disgusted by the guy! Heck, the humans started to migrate to the demon country on their own while the demon lord gave orders to welcome them as refugees.

They started to build new villages for the refugees and tried to slowly integrate them into their society. You wouldn’t know how happy the humans were when they finally left their own country and passed the borders to the demon country!”


As Silvan heard more of his brother’s narration as more he slowly got the image of the demons being a nice and saint like race?

Meanwhile, Silvanus started to calm down when he continued to speak about the demon country and especially of its demon lord. Though minutes later, his face darkened once more and his story turned back to his most hated hero.

“…Of course, that despicable fake couldn’t watch them leave the countries he conquered. He instructed his army to build huge walls and kill anyone who tried to leave his reign of terror. At that point we seriously blew up!

Once again we ganged up on…uh…cough… I mean, we spoke again to the evil god and decided to support the demon lord!

We gave him all kinds of holy relics to help him overpower that hero completely. Though the demon lord was already super strong, we didn’t want to give that damnable hero even the slightest chance of survival so…yeah.

As expected the bastard was finally taken down by the true hero…err…by the demon lord. Afterwards, we just decided to give up the balance and simply let the demon lord rule the human countries!”


Silvanus’ dark look finally lightened up while Silvan looked silently to his brother. Only after a minute had passed did he dare to ask something he probably had already known.

“So what happened to the humans in the end?”

“They are now happily living under the demon lord’s rule and praise him, like the demons, as one of the wisest and best kings in history – of both humans and demons of course. At first, the demon lord felt a bit bad that the humans had completely lost their territory and suggested that after a while, they create a new country. But the notion was surprisingly rejected by the humans.

They preferred to stay under his rule instead of suffering again under a stupid human king. Moreover, unlike humans, demons live for thousands of years. Added that the demon lord position is a lifelong position so they felt more safe living under his rule for generations to come.

I guess the trauma of that hero was just too much.

But with the demon lord’s skillful rule and his improvement of human rights, slowly raising their status in their society, he’s the best ruler they can wish for right now.”

“And that was the conclusion to the problematic situation?”

“Yeah. We should have just supported the demon lord from the beginning instead of summoning those bastard heroes! Honestly, from this day onwards I can’t even hear the word ‘hero’ anymore. I’m really starting  to hate heroes right now.”

“Well, as long as everyone is happy, I guess it’s fine.”

Calmed completely at last, Silvanus nodded and started to enjoy the massage himself.

“Hmm… Both the humans and demons are happy…and most importantly, we gods can finally relax and party! At least, as long as I don’t hear the mention of hero again!’”

With this, another day in the realm of the gods came to an end. With everyone happy, they enjoyed their massage free of all worries and far away from any annoying heroes.

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