I’m really thankful about every small donation which directly supports me, the author of all the posted works here, and also Cave Scanlations (for their translating and proofreading efforts). Because of your support, it’s possible for us to focus more on the current novel project “Hidden GMs Destiny” as well as the oneshot stories.

A part of your donations will directly go to the artist(s) who will draw the novel illustrations. The more we are able to collect, the more illustrations we are able to commission and increase the quality of the final purchasable novel version, which will include some additional stories aside from the novel illustrations as an extra.

Furthermore there will be “sponsored” chapters/parts for the stories as well after a specific amount is collected.

As a small thanks for your support, I’ll include everyone who donated in the special thanks of the released novel volume, as well as on the newly released chapters of the webnovel. People who donate multiple times and continuously support us will of course get a (special edition) copy of the novel (and if you want a drawing signed by the author and/or artist) for free!

(I’ll contact you via the e-mail adress you used to donate at that time.)

Note: ATM pls donate, I won’t be able to release the sponsored chapters right now! (If there are still donations though I put them on my list for chapter sto be released as soon as I’m less busy, but I can’t promise when that will be right now…>_<“”)



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