Chapter 11 Part 1: Preparations for war

Author: Selkin

Translator: Estoriel

Proofreader: Namorax

Attention: This part isn’t completly proofread, there could be some minor textchanges later. More informations in the release post. This part also ends with our old friend lil’ cliffys appearance, don’t blame me later that I didn’t warn you…xD”

Not long after Exelion’s crucial failure to educate Sion about his hobby, Keradis came over with two happily smiling heroes and told us about his and Emeralda’s plans for the event.

Surprisingly, he decided to only let the highest level players to participate so Emeralda can fully focus on a few guild members and increase the chances of everyone surviving. Anyone else in the guild could still try their luck. However, they wouldn’t be able to count on Emeralda’s healing ability and had to make do with our remaining healers.


It was decided that Sion and Asterdon will be in charge of playing the meat shields… ehm I mean being the tanks while Omi, Lanciel and me will be in charge of the damage. Meanwhile, Keradis will stand in the back and give out commands, as well as support us and deal damage depending on the situation. With his class’ skills, which also include curses and debuffs, this will be indeed a great help if he can focus on the overall situation. As for Emeralda, he’ll do what he always does: heal like crazy and stand near, or more precisely behind, Keradis for protection. Moreover, as long as he hides behind the huge Felidae, he won’t be spotted that easily by our opponents, being the small cactus he is.


If it were a true NPC we were up against, I would say that he would be spotted sooner or later, but if it’s actually my superiors who’re just fooling around, we’ll be fine with the hide and seek strategy…


Furthermore, our guild will cooperate with the Silver Storm guild to increase our chances of success but… I don’t really feel safer with them around! After all, these two heroes will constantly be near me, the walking hero point giver for skills and glory. Compared to the heroes, who’re supposed to be my allies, the liches are starting to look kinda nice! I guess for this event, it’ll be just like in the old saying ‘the enemy of your enemy is your friend’?

Dream on!!



Now that everything got confirmed and planned out, I hurriedly escaped from the heroes… no… I mean, I had to bid farewell because of my duties as a GM and logged out!





After answering most of my newly received e-mails concerning the lich event, I decided to take a break and headed over to Maeda to ask him if he wanted to join me. Obviously that work ditching guy instantly tagged along and we went straight towards the canteen. When we crossed the entrance hall, Maeda looked over to the entrance and suddenly stopped.


“What’s the matter?”


He just pointed to the entrance and I followed his line of sight to see our superiors standing there with some cotton shopping bags with “Be smart” printed on it.


The corner of my mouth twitched and my only thought was that the bags didn’t fit them in the slightest until… I noticed something which made the bags look like their only purpose was to make fun of us employees!


Just now, three guys from security, who can easily be distinguished from other employees thanks to their specifically designed company security uniforms, entered. Two of them were carrying in a huge cardbox with a fridge picture on it, the other one was carrying a coffee machine under his right arm and in his left hand was a see-through plastic bag. And to the horror of every single employee, this bag contained packs of coffee, cocoa powder and two milk.


Just when Maeda managed to wring out a shocked “Oh no…”, one of the security guards just had to crush our last remaining hope.


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