Eris Cersia

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Nationality: Runascore
Occupation: Knight and Necromancer
Height: 165 cm
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Green
Weapon: Rapier „Kaosis“
Likes: Food (especially Kyrills), Money, Necromancy, magical stones, exotic animals, travelling, backing, to be single
Dislikes: Octopuses, relationships, being underestimated or being disturbed

Kyrill du ‘Thane

Race: Human (with Dragoner ancestor)
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Nationality: Runascore
Occupation: Knight und Warmage
Height: 178 cm
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Violet
Weapon: Two-handed sword „Kalifer“
Likes: Food and cooking, swords, reading books, studying maps, drawing, other cultures

Dislikes: Eris food (which is potentially deadly), relationships, disturbances of his peace in any way, shape or form (e.g. while reading), being roused from his bed before he wants to be

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