Chapter 7: Defeat of the Lich Twin Mid-boss – Scaring a vampire away

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Author: Selkin

Translator: Estoriel

Proofreader: ATK-49, Arcesius & RCaliber

Special Thanks to G.S. for supporting us!

Once he actually sets his mind to attack, Toriel was truly a fearsome and persistent enemy. That annoying vampire continued to dodge Tian’s sword strikes and used the first opportunity to close up to Sion once more. In this situation I didn’t even have the time to continue thinking about that despicable Minstrel. If we want to survive this fight, I must fully focus on it.

This time our Astral Knight was at least prepared for the attack, and used his Astral Ice Chain skill to decrease Toriel’s movement speed for a short interval.

Seizing that window of chance, Tian finally scored a hit on the vampire. But Tian’s attack evoked only a derisive raise of an eyebrow once the vampire glanced at the measly notification of one hundred damage points.

Meanwhile, I hurried to apply my strongest poison to my two daggers, and used my great attack speed to stun Toriel for five seconds. Our annoying opponent was now suffering my poison’s effect, which lasts for one minute and deals damage all five seconds. Afterwards I followed up with a few normal strikes and noticed that the mid-boss briefly glanced over to give me a wink.

What the hell are you doing in a fight!!? Do you even take us seriously?! Or are you some kind of masochist?!

Shivers instantly ran down my spine. I backed away instinctively before anything more dangerous could happen. Sion, noticing that Toriel was distracted for a split second, switched to use the fire astral energy skills in which he specialised in. Without hesitation, Sion activated one of his strongest skills: the Astral Inferno Slash. Not only was this highly lethal but the attack also caused a burn effect. Unlike my previous Twilight Dash attack, Astral Inferno Slash dealt more damage than I expected with an amazing 500 damage points.

Why is it that I somehow feel jealous that his fire astral skills are more effective than the skills of my hidden class?

For the first time, that annoying vampire’s stupid smile crumbled! He actually furrowed his brows. Looks like we finally found his weakness!

I mistakenly believed we finally had an advantage, but…


“I was worried when I noticed you intended to burn me, but somehow it didn’t hurt much. Are you sure you want to fight me instead of joining forces with me?”

Screw you and your frustratingly high defence!! Moreover, where is that stupid Maeda when you actually need him?! We were supposed to work overtime together and sacrifice time for our company!

Swallowing my anger, I finally saw the damage my poison dealt, but was instantly disappointed. It was dealing an infinitesimal twenty damage points every five seconds. I began to feel really crestfallen here; even my poison was super weak! Honestly, what did the disasters do to this vampire’s stats?! Does he has some poison resistance? My poor Twilight Assassin! I felt like crying out in desperation and agony.

Of course, Toriel didn’t give me more time to lament my destroyed pride. Not intending to delay his meal any longer, Toriel jumped at Sion once more to shave away Sion’s HP. But Emeralda instantly healed Sion’s HP, so it was an amazing show of Sion’s HP bar warring back and forth between empty and full. It was more a battle of endurance between Toriel’s attack damage and Emeralda’s healing capability than a battle between Toriel and Sion.


Witnessing this reminded me of the realization that I’m not fit to be a tank; I don’t like seeing my body being ravaged beyond recognition and then healed, only to be ripped to shreds once more. Just seeing it happen already pains me, but standing there and receiving the attacks? No thanks, my mind couldn’t deal with that.


This time, Sion attempted to block Toriel with his broadsword to the best of his ability whilst also pushing Toriel away from himself. But this tactic was doomed to fail once the Astral Knight ran out of stamina. While Toriel continued his onslaught on Sion, Tian and I slowly chipped away at the vampire’s seemingly endless health. Emeralda was brooding over a solution for our problem: we really could need more people to deal damage, otherwise the battle would be over as soon as Emeralda runs out of MP or Sion makes some bigger mistakes.

At the split-second I was thinking this, an energetic and cheerful voice rang from the entrance of the room. Maeda’s in-game character, Azura the Jewel Mage, was waving to us without a care in the world, while we were slaving away at battle.

“Hubby, I came to help! Through our love’s deep connection, I sensed that you’re in danger~!”

That bastard!! Why did you took so long?!! Can’t you see that we’re in a desperate situation here?! Stop calling me hubby, you muscle-for-brains, and do your job properly!!

And sure enough his female character came cheerfully running over to us, like in one of these cheesy romance movie scenes from the past, making me wonder if he even noticed the vampire who, thanks to Maedas sudden interference, was again dangerously close to Sions neck while I was distracted with cursing my coworker.

I feel like strangling you, Maeda!! Wait. When did you join that strange guild, Fujoshi¹ United? Ah I shouldn’t get distracted any further by this, I can’t let Sion die!


I couldn’t bother with this idiot anymore, and so with a skill that was honed with years of practice I ignored Maeda’s existence without even giving him so much of a greeting. I had to try my best to peel the leech vampire away from our precious tank by means of a vicious kick.

Sadly, I failed in this regard, as Toriel ducked in the last split-second with his insanely quick reflexes and countered with a retaliative kick towards me! Instantly I was sent flying away for two meters. Honestly, Toriel’s power was on a whole different level; it was no wonder Toriel was an event mid-boss, purposefully made to be defeated by a larger group of players rather than a scarce three. Wait, make that four with Tian – I won’t count Maeda.

-2350 HP!! Holy shit, two hits and I’m dead meat! This is scary, please don’t attack me a second time…


Luckily, Toriel answered my unspoken prayer and didn’t attack me again, focusing on breaking Sion’s defensive stance. Looks like he really kept to his promise of munching on our Sylph, before gobbling up Tian and I.

While I was getting back up, Emeralda healed both Sion and I, skillfully keeping Sion from the brink of death. Without the little cactus healer we would be dead a long time ago; he sure is a born healer! Moreover, at the same time, he invited Maeda to our party.


“Hi, Azura, long time not seen! I’m sorry that I went ahead and invited you to the party, but could you please help us out? Oh and Toriel is weak to fire, so if you have any fire elemental spells please use them!”

“Sure, lil cactus cowboy~!”

Emeralda… You don’t have to ask for that late-comer’s help, just make him work like a slave! He deserves it! And “lil cactus cowboy”, my ass!

I immediately glared at Maeda, who only gave me an apologetic smile. He started to cast his magic to turn from a useless latecomer to something more reliable.

Unlike the other magic based classes, the Jewel Mage is the only one which can cast both the basic magic and specialized spells. This class utilizes gems and jewels to store advanced spells, and uses basic magic by itself. The jewels that possess powerful spells need a lot of preparation before they can be used in battle. Once powerful spells are stored in these, they can be activated by destroying the jewel with the skill ‘Jewel Destruction’, which will use the full power of the inlaid spell. The enchanted jewels can also be thrown. If the thrown jewel hits the target or the ground near it, the spell is set free. The second method of release has its own advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, no additional skills are needed, and this method saves mana in battle. On the other, the power will be slightly reduced compared to the other activation method.

At least Maeda had enough insight to use the first method in this battle. Soon enough, the first jewel was destroyed and a magic formation appeared directly beneath Toriel. After a breath, a blazing column of insidious fire shot to the sky to engulf the vampire.


Tch. What an impressively exaggerated array of effects for this hidden class, I too desire some more magnificent looking skills! Mine looks very plain, I want to file a complaint to whomever came up with the Twilight Assassins visual effects. As a fellow hidden class user I demand my right for awesome looking skills!

Then I saw the damage number and almost convulsed; I felt like vomiting blood! An astounding damage number of 1200 popped up over Toriel! This… is the ultimate disgrace of my Twilight Assassin’s life! How can that stupid muscles-for-brains Maeda deal so much more damage than me!? What kind of hellish skill did he inlay in that jewel? Or is it his equipment? Level? Let me check your level!

My mood worsened when I saw his level. He was at level 73, two levels lower than me…

“Amazing! Azura, keep it up!”

“Thanks Azura, I was about to be pushed down by that vampire again!”


Why is it that I feel betrayed here? What happened to my heroic attempt to kick that leech in order to save you, Sion? I even risked my life for you! I won’t forget this…


“Hohoho~ Leave the damage dealing to me and my hubby Keruna~!”

“Her” maniacal laugh was creeping me out. But before I could even speak to Maeda, Tian suddenly stopped fighting to look over to Azura and I, glancing back and forth between us two in surprise.

“My lord, is this your wife? Or a concubine? A lover?”

“Hell no, none of the above!!”

“Eh, Keruna, you shouldn’t deny our love~”

“What love?!”

“You should be nicer to your girlfriend!”

“Sion, Azura isn’t my girlfriend! How often must I tell you this?!”

“Oh is this Keruna’s famed girlfriend I’ve heard so much about? We haven’t been introduced yet; do you want to join our guild?”

“Emeralda!! Stop your instant recruitmening habit, she’s not my girlfriend!”

“How mean, hubby~!”

“Wait! Keruna, you’re two timing then!?”

“Sion you idiot, you were the only one who thought that Azura is my lover or whatever. I keep telling you that there is nothing between us!”

Meanwhile our opponent was nonchalantly dusting off his clothes, seemingly unperturbed by Maeda’s attack. He was eavesdropping in on our conversation, glancing from one person to the next. Seemingly pleased with the exchange, with a smirk he finally looked over to me.

“If you change your race, it’s fine to have many lovers. I don’t care past the point of their exterior beauty; as long as they are prepossessing. While some races do not tolerate polygamy, we vampires are very open-minded.”

Dumbfounded, I looked back at Toriel, only to realize that our battle was interrupted yet again. What’s more, that guy even had the audacity to attempt to persuade me about changing my race. And what kind of polygamous harem?! Do I look suicidal?

My girlfriend would kill me on the spot, without any doubt or hesitation. Not even in-game where I’m on alert, but even at home when I suspect it the least would my life be in danger.

Before I could reject Toriel’s offer, Maeda stepped in and just for a brief second I swear I saw a villainous smirk on his character’s face. But he switched back into that irritating “radiant as the sunshine” smile too quickly for me to confirm any such incident.

“Isn’t that great hubby? You can start a harem! If vampires are so open-minded, why don’t we add Sion to this harem of yours as well~?”

Emeralda instantly fell into his old habits and futilely tried to stifle his laughter, while Sion was standing, bewildered, his face asking “Huh? Why me?”. Tian was hesitantly looking between Sion and I, mumbling something about how he shall treat Sion in the future.

I really felt like exploding soon, my patience was running dry here! And I bet Maeda is intending to share the video he just took and spread it around his recently joined guild “Fujoshi United”! I swear that one of these days I get back at him!

“First off, Toriel! I won’t ever change my race! And you Azura, stop it with your stupid jokes already, we’re in a fight here! We have already wasted enough time!”

“Hah~ Too bad, and here I thought I could collect some good material for my guildmates.”

I knew it! That guy was really thinking about sharing it with his weird guild!!

Toriel sighed briefly and then looked at Azura with a chivalrous smile.

“Hm~ So you don’t want her Keruna? Then it should be fine if I take care of this beautiful lady?”

While saying this, the annoying vampire who constantly phased in and out of his battle mode, took “Azura’s” right hand and slowly lowered his head towards “her” hand…

Yes, it was a perfect hand-kissing scene!

Maeda’s face stiffened for a brief second. I’ll bet that being treated like a lady by a male vampire creeped him out.

Hahaha, serves you right! You reap what you sow.

My bad mood instantly lifted and I couldn’t repress the malevolent grin that split my face, widening by the second. Of course, the vampire lord didn’t disappoint me in the slightest: he instantly followed up by winking at Maeda!

Priceless! This is priceless! I’ll send this to my superiors later! But before that, I’ll make sure to edit the video a bit by adding some glitter effect and make it look super cheesy! Oh and I should add lots of hearts too… I’ll ask my girlfriend for the right background music to use for this~

“Why don’t we change to a more fitting location for our first date?”

Looking over to the others I noticed Emeralda was already half-dead from laughing too hard, Sion was staring at the scene with his jaw gaping, and Tian was completely uninterested in the ongoing events as he realised his master was neither involved in a relationship with “Azura” nor Sion. While I was rejoicing the fact that I set the settings of my game capsule to always auto-recording for my work.

After observing the other’s reactions, I turned my attention back to a certain quivering Azura, who was probably on the verge of using force to distance “herself” from the vampire. I honestly couldn’t stop myself from commenting. I know this would probably come back to bite me later, but this opportunity was just too good to pass!

“As a citizen of the demon country I know a few nice dating spots with an amazing view renowned for their romantic atmosphere~ I’ll gladly help you to find a fitting location for the two of you.”

“That would be appreciated, as expected of my future follower!”

Dead glare by Maeda~ Mission successful! Now show me how you’ll escape from this!

“Oh? Why not? But I prefer strong men, so won’t you show me your power before we start dating and fight my teammates first?”

“If that is all that keeps us apart from our date, then consider it done, my lady~”

What!? No! You sly old fox!!

While I was cursing Maeda in my mind, Toriel gave us an apologetic look and switched to battle state again. He instantly grabbed Sion, who couldn’t react in time. He pulled our Astral Knight over, aimed his jaws at the Sylph’s neck and succeeded in biting Sion!

Sion struggled to break free but the vampire’s strength was too much and he couldn’t even move an inch away from the mosquito that was attached to him. His HP dropped down extremely fast and only due to Emeralda’s fast reaction and continuous healing did he survive to this point.

Toriel literally finally bared his fangs and got serious!

“Oh god! What is with the numerous pop up windows!”

“Is that really the part you worry about Sion?”

Don’t you have other problems to worry over right now? I mean you’re only still alive thanks to Emeraldas healing…

“What pop-up windows?”

“Race change requests! There is a confirm and decline option, and of course I pressed decline! But then a new window pops up again!”

“Just make sure to never click on the confirm button… Who knows what would happen then!”

Yep, looks like Toriel is really serious about this!

Out of fear of losing our tank in the next instant, I used my second finisher skill, the Twilight Storm skill. My daggers turned pitch black, like with all my finisher skills, and then I struck Toriel multiple times in rapid succession. Black colored crescents formed by “black colored wind blades” hit the vampire and he finally let go of Sion while distancing himself from me. But after the many strikes, he already received the damage accumulated to a whopping 1000 damage points!

Finally one of my skills dealt more damage but I fear it was mostly because he was careless and let his guard down while being immersed in his meal…

Briefly looking at Sion’s HP which was already in a critical state despite Emeralda healing him, I gave Tian a quick command to use one of his healing spells on our tank, while trying to distract Toriel for a while longer. This time, I used my Twilight Dash skill again and once more my daggers turned black. I vanished and reappeared behind Toriel dealing 300 damage this time. It really looks like he temporarily weakens after sucking blood but at the same time he manages to get back some HP. He’s really an annoying monster…

Before he could switch his target to me, Sion, seemingly angry over getting bitten and the many pop-up windows that followed, once again joined the fight and used some fire astral skills in tandem. But when the last of his skills was about to hit Toriel, he turned into a swarm of bats and dodged the attack splendidly. Now he started to return the favour by attacking with countless bats hitting, scratching and biting at Sion, making the Astral Knights HP drop rapidly.

Just as I wondered what Maeda was doing, I received a private message from him.

– If you could invite me next Monday to a healthy meal I’ll help you~ Oh I’ve already started writing my report for our superiors! –

Damn him, that vile fox!


Sure enough, he was standing around and watching us battle for our lives giving me a smug smile. If he thinks I’ll succumb to his offer than he’s wrong. My pride is on the line here! I just gave him a haughty “hmph” as a reply and continued to ignore him. At the same time Emeralda was rummaging through his inventory while healing Sion and after a moment he broke into a smile. He retrieved a small glass bottle, with some clear fluid in it, and threw it at the swarm of bats. The bottle hit one of the countless bats and broke, the fluid splashed around, hit more bats and then we heard a scream.

“Aaargh! Why is there holy water here!? This hurts!”

The swarm of bats instantly flew some meters away from Sion and turned back into Toriel. Afterwards, he looked over to our cactus priest whom he had ignored since the very beginning of our ill fated meeting and gave him a disapproving look.

“You plants sure are nasty, I knew you would taste bad but you even have something as annoying like holy water with you! What an underhanded and despicable method!”

And you turning into a swarm of bats isn’t underhanded?!

“Haha, never underestimate the might of the plant race ever again!”

Emeralda, you don’t have to strike a pose…

“Huhuhu, fear the wrath of the cactus!”

Not even a second later Emeralda grabbed some more holy water bottles from his inventory and began to throw them at Toriel, who in turn dodged the bottles as if they were the incarnation of evil itself glaring furiously at our healer.

Does this mean the one dealing the most damage in this fight is our healer? Just because he’s a priest and carries around some holy water for whatever reason?

At some point Toriel finally decided to switch his target and ran at a frightening speed over to Emeralda, but he underestimated his underhandedness! The cactus gushed out the contents of one bottle over his body and then started to run around to dodge the incoming attacks from Toriel.

“Come on, try biting me now! Not only do I taste bad to you, but as a plant, my body already absorbed the holy water!”

Uh? Is that supposed to be an upgrade from cactus to holy cactus or what? And are you still holding a grudge? Aren’t you usually a super forgiving and patient guy? Guess I better remember that I should never make fun of plants in front of Emeralda. I knew patient and nice people can bear the worst grudges if they finally snap, but seeing this now happening in this manner is a bit…

I could only shake my head seeing our healer run from the vampire, throwing bottles like crazy and said vampire having a hard time dodging, while decreasing the distance to the cactus. I knew I should run after them, but it somehow looks too comical and I don’t make as much damage as Emeralda with his holy water anyway… Should I leave it to him and let him solo the mid-boss?

I helplessly looked over to Tian and Sion, who also seem to have similar thoughts as me.

“Ah, maybe..!!”

Suddenly Sion seemed to have an idea and he started to look through his inventory as well. Making me wonder if he also has some holy water hidden in his inventory. Should I succumb to the group pressure and check my own inventory for something helpful as well? But I don’t think I have any holy water lying around in my bag. Soon enough Sion produced some garlic out of his inventory.

Garlic? Well, he is a cook so I guess this is the best solution for him to come up to combat a vampire? But will this really work?

The Astral Knight had an expression of a young child finding some interesting toy on his face and glanced over to the vampire who was fully focused on Emeralda. With a growing smirk plastered on, he aimed for the perfect opportunity when Toriel dodged the next holy water bottle and threw the garlic into the air, it moved in a straight line and hit its target spot on.

“Aaaaaahhh!! This stink! My noooseee, ah this is awful! Urgh, that strong stink from hell, my poor eyes, I can barely see anymore…”

Toriel stopped in his movements, tears forming in his eyes and he couldn’t even finish his sentence because he had to cough without a break. He really gave off a pitiful impression now and the whole scene looked as if we were the actual villains, ganging up on a helpless vampire.

Somehow I started to feel sorry for Toriel and at the same time hoped I’ll never receive a similar treatment from my own evil doings by the two perpetrators Maybe I should be nicer to Sion in the future? I really should reflect on my behaviour, I mean I’ll like eating his food, not that he adds poison in it? My poison resistance is good I think, but better safe than sorry.

“This is so mean! I intended for a fair fight here…cough cough… Urgh, this is too much, I can’t fight this way. Cough cough… my poor lungs, I’m allergic to garlic! Cough… Oh no, I already get red pustules!”

I see, so he’s allergic to garlic? Not only is it a vampire’s weakness, but he’s actually also allergic to it? Poor guy.

“Cough…cough… This is impossib-…cough…cough… We have to postpone this, I’ll return…cough…for today…cough…cough..tschu…to the lich twins side! See…tschu…you!”

So after the coughing you also start sneezing? Uh…wait…what do you mean with you’ll return to the lich twins?!

Right after he said that, he turned into a single cute looking bat and flew towards the next window, while coughing and sneezing. Not long after he vanished from our sight, he made me realise that our chance to get some rare drops from a mid-boss disappeared together with his sneezing and coughing figure!!!




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