Shiverlain is the coldest and one of the largest countries of Ceravia. Covered in snow and ice the entire year, only the hardiest species thrive in this environment. The lack of edible plant life accounts for the proliferation of carnivores. Within Shiverlain live twelve tribes who each democratically elect a representative and two advisors to oversee all political matters. Often, the twelve tribes living here must compete with Icegiants, Yetis and Demihumans (a species with both humans and Icegiants as ancestors) for the limited resources.
Despite the arduous life in Shiverlain, the tribes celebrate exuberant festivals and are famous for their ice sculptures, sleigh races and other winter sports.
The established (means of) transportation are Itums (an ibex similar species) and Woolrhinoceros (alt. Woolrhino…lol), only a few tribes dare to try taming Icewolfs.
The current modes of transportation in Shiverlain are Itums (a species similar to an Ibex), Woolly Rhinoceros, and occasionally, a few tribes have attempted to tame Ice-wolves.
The country’s coat of arms consists of a single blue snowflake.
High in the north where the bitter winds blow, exists the coldest place in the whole of Shiverlain, the Ice Desert. A place of such enormous cold that nothing, except for the mighty Ice Dragons, could even attempt to exist anywhere near here for fear of freezing to death.

The Mystical Woods

The Mystical Woods are amongst those few places that humans have little (written) record of. The only thing known about these woods is that they are home to the Elven races and a haven for many magical creatures. There is, regarding the day-to-day life or festivals in the Mystical Woods, as good as nothing known, except that the Elves hold a festival in honor of nature regularly.
The Woods are bordered by the countries Shiverlain, Verias and Levun. Thanks to the Verian Volcano that protects the surrounding countries from Shiverlain’s bitter cold, the Mystical Woods enjoys perpetually pleasant spring weather all year long.

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