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Hidden GMs Destiny 3rd bonus chapter

As previously announced on my facebook account here is a new chapter of Hidden GM. It’s a bonus chapter about Maede, enjoy~

Bonus Chapter: M-Side ⧫ Maeda and the sunflower manual


I’m still being busy and don’t have any free time to write a lot, same goes for Estoriel who is translating Hidden GM, so updates will continue to be slow. I hope this changes around September though…X:”

Estoriel (translator) is having some really hard exmas but will try to get some more done, but I can’t say when they’ll be released..x.x”

Tiny surprise

I copied this from my fb account, enjoy..XP
Lil update:
Namorax still seems to have trouble with his laptop. So I thought: “I’m atm writing some stories for a certain manga contest (working together with two artists), so why not share the stories a bit?”
If you’re ineterested, click the below link to see Estoriel slaving himself away to translae (it’ll be proofread later and this is totally not related to my revenge for his old mistake of uploading in the wrong folder!).
The story he is working on today is called “Crystal Guardian” and he’s translating the prologu of a story which was sitting on my laptop for a long time. This first translation progress is to see if the translators are interested in it, if so I’ll adjust the story further t make it fitting for the contest.
So in short: This is a chance to get a glimpse on a story which I didn’t publish on my blog yet. If we don’t use this story for the contest of if you guys like it a lot, I’ll force Estoriel to translate more and publish it on my blog (so please leave some comments if you like it~).
Btw Estoriel doesn’t know about this yet (while he’s translating), hehehe, so feel free to surprise him with your visit..xP
And maybe I continue this style for the other stories?😈
Edit 07.08.18: Link removed~

Mini-Update+Hidden GMs Destiny chapter 11 part 1 (semi-proofread version)

Maybe some already read it on my facebook page but here the whole story:

After I had great plans of a mass release in early January for April, all plans were ruined by my bad luck!

At first Cave Scanlations website was gone because of technical issues and Estoriel fell into a deep depression, trying to fix it somehow but failed (miserably). This ate a lot of time and in the end he decided to close down the group for now. It naturally also influenced the speed for him to translate the mass release but that was only the start of the great calamity…

Afterwards this happened *copy paste from my fb account*:

Psst…I know it was a bit silent over here but the Cave Scanlation team and I’m planning something nice behind the scenes~🤐

Oh and there will also be another little special chapter so stay tuned!


P.s.: Blame the delay on Estoriel who messed up and “uploaded” the chapters for proofreading wrongly…thus never appearing in the eyes of the proofer~😡 He just noticed it today and instantly confessed to me, don’t worry he already had to atone for his sin! 👹
*puts away Fienjas treasured legendary holy weapon which is drenched in a certain someones fresh blood and hides the corpse of the demon lord*


The first part of course wa about y secret plans about the mass release but the second part… was the second one-hit kill of my bad luck! Later it turned out something was wrong with Estoriels computer but don’t ask me any specifics cuz I’m not a technician.

Onto the final strike of my bad luck…

…Namoraxs laptop broke… and without our proofreader I didn’t want to release!! After all if the upload would have many mistakes it does destroys the reading low and I didn’t want you all to face this. So I patiently waited…and waited… and then I was contacted by one of you over facebook!o-o~

Seeing that you guys probably soon grab the pitchforks to hunt me to get the new chapter, I feared for my life… okay joke aside. I didn’t want you guys to wait any longer. As a reader myself I know how har it is to wait so in the end I decided to upload the first part of chapter 11 in an unproofed state for now. If you prefer to wait for the proofed version, you’ll have to wait some longer but Namorax did proofread this part a bit, so I think it shouldn’t be too riddled with mistakes at least. (Namorax managed to proofread a bit yesterday despite his broken laptop, so huge thanks to him!!)

The next part will be uploaded somewhere next week, with luck maybe by then even the whole chapter is proofread.

I hope my bad luck really ends now…D: (And of course Namorax and Estoriels as well!!)


So for everyone who doesn’t want to wat any longer, here’s the next chapters part!

Chapter 11 Part 1 (semi-proofread)


P.s.: I also noticed a few links are corrupted, I’ll fix them next week bit by bit but the Hidden GM main pages links are working so if you want to read previous chapters you can find them here. <–so much about the end of my bad luck…TT__TT

Happy Christmas~ (Hidden GM release and end of the raffle)

Happy Christmas!

I hope you all enjoy Christmas and can celebrate peacefully.

As a little present, heres’s part 1 of chapter 10 of Hidden GMs Destiny.

Chapter 10 Part 1

Now to the raffle winners!

This years raffle winners are: Cheong Zien, Kathy Grimes and Rishalyn Isidoro. Congratz! I hope you enjoy the soundtrack as much as I do. I’ll send you your prizes as soon as possible~

To everyone who wasn’t as lucky this time, don’t be sad, there definitely will be more opportunities in the future!x3

Last polls result:

Team “I take both” (cocoa&coffee) clearly won with an overwhemling 67%! Team cocoa and team coffee both had only 17%.

Last chance to participate in the raffle & tomorrows Hidden GMs Destiny release

Just wanted to remind everyone that the little raffle will end tomorrow at evening my time (around the time of this posts release). If you want to participate, please visit this post for more information.

And to celebrate Christmas I also have a release for Hidden GM for you, huge thanks to Namorax who made tomorrows release possible~