Note: Not all guilds, characters and their class/race will be revealed yet. They will be added bit by bit and get introduced over the progress of the story.

Beware, there could be some spoiler! Read on your own risk.

Emissaries of the Abyss (EotA)

Guild Leader: Keradis (Necromancer; Felidae – Tiger)

Vice Guild Leader: Emeralda (Priest; Plant Race- Cactus)


Keruna (Twilight Assassin; Demon) [Hidden GM]

Sion (Astral Knight; Sylph)

Asterdon (Guardian; Werewolf)

Die Omi (“Fire” Magician; Human)

Lanciel (Summoner; Human; rare summon: Seranbourgh)

Dragonslayer Rylak (???)

Adare (???)

Night Owl (???)

Silver Storm (SS)

Guild Leader: Riot (Hero; Human) [Keradis Cousin]

Vice: Megido (Hero; Human)


Raging Storm (Ranger; Human)

Waning Moon (Magician; Elf)

Exelion (Scrollmaster; Sylph; lvl 78) [Hidden GM]

Smiley (???) [NDC employee/the “Development Guy”]

Food Inc[oming] (FInc)

[one of the largest guilds]

Guild Leader: Weizenbrotjunkie (Legendary Cook; Minotaur)

Vice: MC Toast (Evil Scientist; Norn)


Brötchen (???)

Singing Banana (???)

Vollkornbrot (???)

Ravioli (???) [Hidden GM]

Kaiserschmarn (???)

Jumping Pancake (???)

Food Glory (???)

Potato Squad:

Potato Lord (???) [Squad Leader]

Mashed Potato (???)

Baked Potato (???)

Cooked Potato (???)

Fried Potato (???)

Chips (???)

Potato Croquette (???)

Fujoshis United (Fujo)

Guild Leader: Jewel (???)

Vice: Shiny Love (???)


Ice Queen (???) [Kerunas Girlfriend]

Azura (Jewel Mage; Human) [Hidden GM]

Nebelschwinge (???)

Seaglory (???)

PuppyEyes (???)

Dat Abs (???)

Cats Paw (???)

Blood Contract (BC)

Guild Leader: Crimson Moon  (Priest; Vampire)

Vice: Mirkor (Twilight Assassin; Orc)


Poisoned Apple (???)

Old Socks (???)

Beneath my feet (???)

Dracul (???) <–NDC employee

Lil Wolf (???)

Swallow Tail (???)

Reversi (Rev)

[Kerunas sworn enemy guild]

Guild Leader: Silver Emperor (???; Fae)

Vice: Lions Roar (???, Felidae – Lion)


Rasende Wildsau (???)

Fallen Angel (???)

Abaddon (???)

Burning Fire (???)

Water Dancer (???)

Cry me a river (???)

Origin (???) [Hidden GM]

Soaring Dragon (SoD)

Guild Leader: Fafnir (???)

Vice: Storyteller (???)


Fallen Leaf (???)

Pants on Fire (???)

Fire Breath (???)

Legend (???)

Backlash (???)

8 thoughts on “Guilds

  1. Hartesya

    Azura, Jewel Mage -> reminds me of Satella Harvenheit from Chrno Crusade..

    Food Inc. got so many potatoes! \(°□°)/
    Potato Croquette?

    1. Selkin Post author

      *uses google to look up that chracter*
      Hmm… So there is something similar to the Jewel Mage in Chrno Crusade, interesting! (

      But well for Hidden GM I came up with (for now) 28 basic classes, 54 special ones and 66 hidden ones so it’s not surprising that there may be similarities to classes of games, manga or anime I guess.

      Yeah, Food Inc. loves food and loves potatoes so they ended up with a whole potatoe army…xp But you’re right, the corquette is missing!
      I guess this is my favourite guild right after the one which wasn’t revealed yet~ lol

      1. Hartesya

        The unrevealed guild-> Desserts guild?
        Because different stomachs for food and desserts? Lol

        I would totally join a foodie guild!
        Well, only if they got something like a culinary tour (at least once a month) or an all-you-can-eat buffet in their guild hall..
        Because you won’t get fat in RL no matter how much you eat in game! Huzzah!
        Currently waiting for VR tech to get that advanced.. Boo..

        If there’s a Cooked Potato, is there a Raw Potato?
        Because potato dishes are usually cooked, aren’t they?
        The rawest potato dish I’ve ever eaten is gamjachae bokkeum, but even that is lightly stir-fried..
        Potato “salad” is also cooked..
        Is there a raw potato dish?

        I can’t believe I’m really trying to find that out..
        How much of a lazy cook am I.. orz
        Might as well peel a potato and eat it just like that..

        1. Selkin Post author

          Ahaha xDD Would be epic in itself but sadly not~

          And yep, if I would see a food guild irl I totally would join it myself! *voted for Food Inc in the poll too; cough*
          Oh in the future chaps such an all you can eat buffet does appear, but I stop myself from spoilering more I guess…xD

          Oh yeah, I hope VR tech improves fast so I can fully enjoy it and don’t have to wait until I’m old and grey…>-< (Even if I'm 80 something I would still play it though lol)

          Hmm, I wonder about raw potato dishes, I can imagine that they exist somewhere on the world but at least here in my country I don't know of any. Though I think it's probably not good for the stomach to eat it raw? Probably something worth to search for on google and co. xD

          1. Hartesya

            Apparently you can eat potatoes raw like an apple.
            Just as long as the tubers have not been injured, exposed to sunlight, or stored for a long time in which case they are toxic.
            Don’t consume the eyes though.
            So you just have to eat it fresh I guess..
            Well, the more you know..

            What am I doing with my life.. lol


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