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Hidden GMs Destiny Bonus Chapter: B-Side ⧫ Chicken Talk

Some news about your favourite chicken being told by Fienja, enjoy~ Because so many of you (-mainly the nice people filling out the survey~ Huge thanks for your feedback! Once the first arc ends I’ll make an extra post about the results-) wanted to know what happened to the chicken, I thought I release this chapter a bit earlier (the chicken won’t reappear any time soon though). One of the extra chapters for the ebook will include a chapter with the chicken POV! <–totally not advertising

Little note at the end: All future chapters from the superiors POVs will be labelled “B-Side” (b for boss…couldn’t use S cuz of Sion~) in the title.

And here is the survey link for everyone who didn’t fill it out yet.

You can read the bonus chapter here.

Hidden GMs Destiny chapter 6 part 1

Today I have the first part of chapter 6 for you. There’s also a bonus story coming up next month, so be prepared for some additional “chicken news”. Though I bet many readers either already guessed said “news” or saw the lil spoiler on the website somewhere~

For everyone who didn’t see it yet: I made a little survey for general feedback and in preparations for the extra chapters which will be part of the ebook. It will help me a bit to decide on the extra stories I’ll add to vol 1. If you want to fill it out, here’s the link to the post about the survey.

That being said, I already noticed that many people want a wiki for HGD and Cave Scanlations who translate and proofread it is in dire need for more people (this won’t affect the release speed no worries). So if anyone is interested to help out and get the wiki up faster you can contact the CS admin under cavescanlation@gmail.com! The only requirement is being able to write well in english and read the novel. As a thanks you’re able to read some HGD chapters before the actual release~

I also made a tumbrl account to make it easier for everyone to follow updates who uses tumbrl (should I add a twitter account too?). I added the link on the side bar as well.

Now that Toriel appears for the the first time, there’s also a little drawing of him uploaded on my facebook and tumbrl page.

The poll for the favourite Night Dragon Corporation character is also closed now and here are the results (I’m rounding the numbers up):

Suprisingly (?) the first place goes this time to our MC, Keruna (31%). Looks like he can defeat his superiors at least in this poll. The follow-ups are our (beloved) superiors as a team who took a quarter of the cake (they sure are greedy!). Right after them on the third place is the newly introduced character Kyle who took 17% of the votes (as expected of the right hand man of the empires companies rulers). The fourth place is being shared by Maeda and the “development guy” with both having nearly 10% of the votes. Kaje and the cleaning personal got each 3% and Fienja on her own sadly has no votes but I’m sure she’ll find a good way to unleash her grudge against Keruna sooner or later (she firmly believes that he was the one stealing her votes).

Now onto the next poll~

You can vote for your favourite character from Kerunas guild, at least between the ones who already appeared up to chapter 6.

(Btw the MC is cheating; he shamelessly added himself into the vote as a fellow guild member to increase his popularity in the overall votes!)


Now onto the bad news

My computer died on me, so I have to buy a new one…<-<” Luckily most of the HGD files are safely stored elsewhere as well (hooray for being paranoia and save these files double or even trice), but a few ebook files may have been deleted (and a lot of other data unrelated to the blog…T_T”). I hope I can buy a new comp soon (and that the files aren’t lost else I have to postpone some releases to have enough time and work on recreating/recovering what was lost…), I really dislike writing on my laptops keyboard..>_<” It’s very uncormfortable to use it for hours and I tend to write at the very least a whole chapter once I sit down and even more so if I’m in a good writing flow. So writing without rest for 8-10 h are the norm for me…xD” It’s hell on the laptop with that keyboard… x.x”

So in short: If you notice the releases slowing down after part 1 and the extra chapter, blame my bad luck, my comp dying on me and the fact that I wasn’t able to get a new comp in an instant…>-<” I really hope it won’t be too expensive though, sadly I need a good comp which is able to render some 3D stuff for hours…D:”

P.s: If this continues my posts will at some point be longer than the actual chapters…xD” I think I just broke my record today!


And here is the release!

Chapter 6 Part 1.

Hidden GM: Extra Chapter Survey

Because I’m writing the extra chapters very soon (to be more precise even more of them), I thought I could do a little survey to see what you would like to read about in the extra chapters!^^ I already have a lot of ideas prepared but this will help me discover more and decide which extra story I’ll focus on first.

This is a good chance for everyone to get a hold on more stories about their favourite characters or reading about something which wasn’t covered (yet) in the main story. This survey is a long-time survey and will at least be up until the lich arc officially ends, so you can take your time filling it out. I also made it editable so you can change your answers until the survey ends.

Survey Link (<–It wasn’t proofread, there could be some mistakes, pls ignore them~)

Today is my birthday so~ This will be all I post about today.

Sadly Gods Ordeal wasn’t finished proofreading because the last Hidden GM chapter was very long, so I can’t give you that chapter as a cake replacement as I hoped…D: (Maybe the Gustav chapter can make up for it?)

Hidden GMs Destiny Chapter 5 part 2

As previously announced on my facebook page, here is the second part of chapter 5~ This is also the first time that Keruna reveals his characters stats.

And because I enjoy doing polls (totally not visible) here is another one! This time you can vote for your favourite character working for the Night Dragon Corporation. You have one vote for this poll. Next time I make a poll for your favourite character of Kerunas guild as well as a poll for your favourite chapter (at the end of the lich arc).

It’s really hard for me to decide on just one… I like them all but I ended up choosing Kyle…o-o


As usual I’ll combine part 1 and 2 into a single page after a weeks time.

Chapter 5 Part 2

Complete Chapter 5

Next up will be another Gods Ordeal Story and a little Teaser chapter of Knights of Runascore.


Not even after one day after I released chapter 5 part 1 of Hidden GMs Destiny I went ahead and…. got myself a ventilator! (Finally!) In combination with my japanese fan I was able to combat the heat wave and survived this major crisis~ (<–in continuation from the last post)

Hidden GMs Destiny Chapter 5 part 1

Here is the first part of chapter 5 of Hidden GMs Destiny~

Because the cover won’t be revealed yet, but I still wanted to add at least a picture… I went ahead and uhmm…experimented a bit with Photoshop (aka the author had fun playing around PS while recovering from the surgery)! So from now on I’ll use the picture, you can see in this post, on the Hidden GM page and for the future release announcement posts (at least until the lich arc is over…then I either switch it out completly with a new one or edit it a bit to fit the next arc better). When volume 1 (german version) will be up for purchase the cover will replace this picture on the Hidden GM page.

I also changed  the domain to selkinnovel.com (the old one will automatically redirect you to the new one).

Furthermore now that more chapters are released, I went ahead and added a  previous and next chapter link at the bottom of every released chapter to improve the reading experience. It should be more convenient for new readers this way!^^

Regarding the last poll result: 80% of all votes was for “keep it as is” so with this overwhelming majority there will be no changes. So in case you want to write a comment and make sure that it won’t get deleted later on please either comment on the release post or wait for when the whole of ch 5 is posted on a single page.

It’s really hot in Germany right now (anyone who also has a room or flat under the roof probably can feel my pain!). My flat has no air conditioner so I’m melting… literally… I really should buy an (electric) fan before I dry up. Tomorrow it’ll be even hotter (40°C; my flat probably will be around 45+…). Right now I use a japanese fan to keep me alive..x.x” Like this one here. Just with fishes as the motive. I really wouldn’t know what to do without it~ *fans herself like crazy while writing ‘one hand style’*

Status update

There weren’t many updates for Hidden GMs Destiny in may because I’m injured right now and had to visit the surgeon. I’m still recovering but I hope that I can at least post the next chapter within this month. Because of the long time with no updates I decided to upload another oneshot, or better a series of oneshots (the chapters are all connected but each tells it’s own story), as an apology. Unlike Hidden GMs Destiny the chapters will be released irregulary though to not affect the Hidden GMs releases.


Meanwhile I have another poll regarding the future releases of Hidden GMs Destiny. It will be open until I release part 2 of the next chapter. This time you can vote for one of two options and it mainly affects the readers who read the part versions instead of the whole chapter and write comments.

Until now I released the chapters in parts and later on uploaded the whole chapter, while deleting the parts after a few days. Sadly, this will also remove the comments on these pages (and I feel really bad over this!!) because Worpress don’t seem to have an option to move them to a new page (aka the whole chapter versions). And because I feel bad about deleting comments I want you, as the readers, to decide if you prefer using the old way for posting updates, which is more convenient for the readers who read the parts and don’t wait for the full chapter versions, or if you prefer keeping the comments and have a bit more scrolling inconvenience.


Let me introduce you to the two options and their pro and cons.

1. Keep it as it is

Pro: It’s easier to continue reading from the point where you left off at the previous released part // no time wasted to search

Con: Comments will disappear // If you want your comment to stay you either have to post on the release post or wait until the whole chapter is released to post // Author has to manually remove the parts and feels bad about the lost comments


2. Change it to “highlight it with colour”

If I use this way, I’ll create tha page for the whole chapter, post the first part there and will colour-highlight the last sentence of the first part when I post the second part of the chapter, so you know where you left off last time when you read.

Pro: All comments will stay where they belong to and you have part 1+2 comments on a single page // Author don’t have to agonize about lost comments written by the awesome readers

Con: Extra effort/scrolling to search for the coloured sentence (=inconvenient) <–especially if you read on your mobile phone

Hidden GMs Destiny Chapter 4 part 3+Future spanish releases

Today I have some good news for all spanish readers: Hidden GMs Destiny (webnovel version) will also be translated into spanish! I’ll post more informations when the prologue is fully translated.

You can find chapter 4 part 3 here.

Full chapter link.

It’s the last part of this chapter. As usual, I’ll merge the parts into the whole chapter within the next few days and remove the single parts. This should give everyone who already read part 1 and 2 enough time to read the last part without looking for where they stopped reading.