Hidden GMs Destiny Chapter 5 part 2

As previously announced on my facebook page, here is the second part of chapter 5~ This is also the first time that Keruna reveals his characters stats.

And because I enjoy doing polls (totally not visible) here is another one! This time you can vote for your favourite character working for the Night Dragon Corporation. You have one vote for this poll. Next time I make a poll for your favourite character of Kerunas guild as well as a poll for your favourite chapter (at the end of the lich arc).

It’s really hard for me to decide on just one… I like them all but I ended up choosing Kyle…o-o


As usual I’ll combine part 1 and 2 into a single page after a weeks time.

Chapter 5 Part 2

Complete Chapter 5

Next up will be another Gods Ordeal Story and a little Teaser chapter of Knights of Runascore.


Not even after one day after I released chapter 5 part 1 of Hidden GMs Destiny I went ahead and…. got myself a ventilator! (Finally!) In combination with my japanese fan I was able to combat the heat wave and survived this major crisis~ (<–in continuation from the last post)

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