Hidden GMs Destiny Chapter 5 part 1

Here is the first part of chapter 5 of Hidden GMs Destiny~

Because the cover won’t be revealed yet, but I still wanted to add at least a picture… I went ahead and uhmm…experimented a bit with Photoshop (aka the author had fun playing around PS while recovering from the surgery)! So from now on I’ll use the picture, you can see in this post, on the Hidden GM page and for the future release announcement posts (at least until the lich arc is over…then I either switch it out completly with a new one or edit it a bit to fit the next arc better). When volume 1 (german version) will be up for purchase the cover will replace this picture on the Hidden GM page.

I also changed  the domain to selkinnovel.com (the old one will automatically redirect you to the new one).

Furthermore now that more chapters are released, I went ahead and added a  previous and next chapter link at the bottom of every released chapter to improve the reading experience. It should be more convenient for new readers this way!^^

Regarding the last poll result: 80% of all votes was for “keep it as is” so with this overwhelming majority there will be no changes. So in case you want to write a comment and make sure that it won’t get deleted later on please either comment on the release post or wait for when the whole of ch 5 is posted on a single page.

It’s really hot in Germany right now (anyone who also has a room or flat under the roof probably can feel my pain!). My flat has no air conditioner so I’m melting… literally… I really should buy an (electric) fan before I dry up. Tomorrow it’ll be even hotter (40°C; my flat probably will be around 45+…). Right now I use a japanese fan to keep me alive..x.x” Like this one here. Just with fishes as the motive. I really wouldn’t know what to do without it~ *fans herself like crazy while writing ‘one hand style’*

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