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Little Teaser Chapter of Knights of Runascore

I already announced it on Facebook last week, but here is a little teaser of Knights of Runascore. If you fear to spoil yourself, no worries, this story features one of the “side” characters. It’s an extra chapter from his POV. While I was organizing some old files I discovered this chapter which was written before I put KoR on hold to write Hidden GMs Destiny. Seeing that it doesn’t spoil the story and also goes along well with Gods Ordeal, I decided to post it as a little teaser~

That being said… This character is my favourite character from KoR and can without a doubt be found on my “top 10 most favourite (own) characters list”, because he’s way too hilarious. (Though at the same time I truly wonder how I came up with such a character… *facepalms*)

BUT before you run off and start reading, I have to share a few informations about him, the great Gustav, so you can fully enjoy the story!


Let me first describe Gustavs appearance. He’s a giant (over 30 m tall) black colored prawn, has three pairs of black feathered wings, his (main) two eyes are red and his whole body is covered with hundreds (if not thousands) of white colored (additional) eyes.

He’s one of the Necromancer Gods of the world of KoR, but he has the least followers, because only a few people believe that “something like that” exists, even more so that there is a “god” with such a strange appearance. Only his own followers, who are seen as a strange sect even among other Necromancers, believe his existence and are avid admirers of his greatness (*cough, cough* If you read the first story of Gods Ordeal… Valderas followers are nothing compared to the avid Gustav sect members in regards of being totally devoted to their god. And one of the MCs is a Gustav follower. *cough, cough*).

Author Note: He’s a huge narcissist and has an amazing ability to MISUNDERSTAND human behaviour! For example… if people faint, scream in terror or start to run for their life (just from witnessing his ugly and strange appearance), he strictly believes they are enamoured with his marvellous beauty….

Well, this should be enough info to fully enjoy the chapter! Please always keep his appearance in mind while reading for the best effect~


Gustav POV extra chapter “My Beautiful Self”.

(If you already liked the chicken of Hidden GMs Destiny, I’m quite sure you’ll love Gustav! Now… I wonder if he gains more followers??! *shiver*)


I’ll add this chapter to the Oneshot and KoR page, so it’s easier to find. Next up will be a Gods Ordeal story(still being proofread as of this moment).

Hidden GMs Destiny Chapter 4 part 1

First off another huge thanks to G.S. for supporting me so much!! (I’ll definitely send a free ebook copy to you as a small gift for your support.) Furthermore, I decided to write down all donators (aside from the special thanks page in the ebook) under the credits of each chapter.

I also want to thank the cave staff once more for their proofreading efforts and especially Miniechi who recommended some artists for the novels covers and drawings. All donations will partly go to commissioning the artist(s) as well as the cave staff for their efforts for proofreading (they use it to pay their server, RAWs, and if this is covered also their proofreaders).

Today I have the first part of the next chapter of Hidden GMs Destiny for you all! This chapter is longer than the previous ones and to lessen the strain on the Cave Scanlation proofreaders it will be parted into three parts instead of two this time.

In the future I will announce on my facebook page if a chapter/part is nearly ready to be posted so you know when it’ll appear on the blog. You can also ask questions on the porgress there if you want!^^ I’ll also share a few 3D practice works (I’m still at the early learning stages) there, which I created with Cinema 4D, to make the waiting time a bit more bearable this way!xD”

The favourite character poll is still open for a few days longer so you can vote for a few more days before it’s closed. Don’t forget: You can vote for up to three characters.

–> Chapter 4 part 1

Here are the current poll results:

The Chicken: 48% (still the undefetable champion!)

Keruna: 22% (he can at least win against the lich twins but he still is unable to stand side by side to a mere chicken)

Lich Twins: 11%

Fienja: 7%

Kaje, Sion and Maeda: 4%

Anyone else: 0%

Hidden GMs Destiny Chapter 3 Part 2 // Happy Easter! //poll, facebook page and rss feed links

Happy Easter!^^

After me messing around a bit on april fools day, I have the second part of chapter 3 for you as a little Easter present today. It marks the actual start of the “lich twin arc” with the world quest announcement.

I also made a facebook page and rss page with feedburner so it’s easier for everyone to keep track of the updates (aside from visiting my blog, subscribing via e-mail or visiting the Cave Scanlations update page).

Here are also the current poll results:

The Chicken: 44% (the undefeatable champion!)

Keruna and the Lich Twins: 17%

Fienja: 11%

Kaje and Maeda: 6%

Anyone else: 0% (I kinda feel sorry for Sion but guess the chicken stomped all over his votes!)

It’s still open so you have still the chance to vote for your favourite character if you didn’t do it yet.

As usual, I’ll upload this chapters part and upload the whole chapter a few days later and delete the single parts, so everyone has enough time to continue reading where they left off in part 1 without searching for the sentences where part 1 ended.

Chapter 3 part 2.

Combined chapter 3.

Back to wordpress

After I switched to blogspot for a while, which revealed itself as very inconvenient for me, I’ll continue using wordpress! Over the next few days I move the blogspot content here.

As Cave Scanlation already kindly announced I’m working on a new project right now (More information will be revealed later), so Knights of Runascore is on hold until I finish it (or have the time working on both). The new one will be released in english with the help of the Cave Scanlation staff here on this website!^^ (Huge thanks to you guys for your hard work translating and proofing it!)

Note: At this moment they are working on the first two chapters!