Hidden GMs Destiny Chapter 3 Part 2 // Happy Easter! //poll, facebook page and rss feed links

Happy Easter!^^

After me messing around a bit on april fools day, I have the second part of chapter 3 for you as a little Easter present today. It marks the actual start of the “lich twin arc” with the world quest announcement.

I also made a facebook page and rss page with feedburner so it’s easier for everyone to keep track of the updates (aside from visiting my blog, subscribing via e-mail or visiting the Cave Scanlations update page).

Here are also the current poll results:

The Chicken: 44% (the undefeatable champion!)

Keruna and the Lich Twins: 17%

Fienja: 11%

Kaje and Maeda: 6%

Anyone else: 0% (I kinda feel sorry for Sion but guess the chicken stomped all over his votes!)

It’s still open so you have still the chance to vote for your favourite character if you didn’t do it yet.

As usual, I’ll upload this chapters part and upload the whole chapter a few days later and delete the single parts, so everyone has enough time to continue reading where they left off in part 1 without searching for the sentences where part 1 ended.

Chapter 3 part 2.

Combined chapter 3.

3 thoughts on “Hidden GMs Destiny Chapter 3 Part 2 // Happy Easter! //poll, facebook page and rss feed links

  1. Anon2

    Hi and thanks for a new part. It is written, that the original language is german, do you have a link to it?
    Wäre mal ne nette Abwechslung zu den ständigen engl. Übersetzungen :p


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