Hidden GMs Destiny Chapter 4 part 1

First off another huge thanks to G.S. for supporting me so much!! (I’ll definitely send a free ebook copy to you as a small gift for your support.) Furthermore, I decided to write down all donators (aside from the special thanks page in the ebook) under the credits of each chapter.

I also want to thank the cave staff once more for their proofreading efforts and especially Miniechi who recommended some artists for the novels covers and drawings. All donations will partly go to commissioning the artist(s) as well as the cave staff for their efforts for proofreading (they use it to pay their server, RAWs, and if this is covered also their proofreaders).

Today I have the first part of the next chapter of Hidden GMs Destiny for you all! This chapter is longer than the previous ones and to lessen the strain on the Cave Scanlation proofreaders it will be parted into three parts instead of two this time.

In the future I will announce on my facebook page if a chapter/part is nearly ready to be posted so you know when it’ll appear on the blog. You can also ask questions on the porgress there if you want!^^ I’ll also share a few 3D practice works (I’m still at the early learning stages) there, which I created with Cinema 4D, to make the waiting time a bit more bearable this way!xD”

The favourite character poll is still open for a few days longer so you can vote for a few more days before it’s closed. Don’t forget: You can vote for up to three characters.

–> Chapter 4 part 1

Here are the current poll results:

The Chicken: 48% (still the undefetable champion!)

Keruna: 22% (he can at least win against the lich twins but he still is unable to stand side by side to a mere chicken)

Lich Twins: 11%

Fienja: 7%

Kaje, Sion and Maeda: 4%

Anyone else: 0%

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