Major Announcement for Hidden GMs Destiny (april fools day joke)

After the unbelievable high popularity of a certain NPC from the first “favourite character poll”. I decided to switch out the main character Keruna with the most popular one from the poll~ After all the previous main character even failed to win 19%) against his old nemesis (44%) in a mere poll…

So with this said, I present to you the new main character of Hidden GMs Destiny – The Chicken!!

Please follow the chicken on its long journey to find new comrades and fight bravely against its archenemy – the worst evil of chickenkind, cooks! Be ready to be thrown into an epic story of feather-tearing drama, epic soup engredients, friendships and the beginning of the great chicken empire! Of course the name of the story will be changed to ‘Hidden Chickens Destiny’ over time. Please continue to support our new main character from now on~

Please highlight the following for more detailed informations:

Of course this was an easy-to-see-through april fools day joke (or actually more some stupid nonsense the author came up with after doing an all nighter and being too sleep deprived to stay in the world of sanity…) from me based on the high popularity of the chicken up till now…xD I won’t replace Keruna…no worries! (Though a part of me was tempted to write a tiny story about a chicken conquering the world, so I probably end up writing a short version for my own satisfaction and share it with some friends who tend to like such crazy stuff *cough*)

Well if the chickens popularity continues to rise like this I fear Keruna will get a different kind of trauma this time…xP


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