Hidden GMs Destiny Chapter 3 Part 1 // new Poll & old poll results

The old polls result led to an exact 50-50 result (whole vs part upload) in the end, so I decided to go for a “half a chapter” release for now. There will be a second release preference poll in the future though!

This time I’ve a new poll where you can vote for your favourite character from the ones who already appeared except for the lich twins. They will appear in the second part of this chapter so the poll will be up for a longer time with a multiple choice vote with up to three votes (so you can vote either for one or for the three characters you like the most). I’ll make this “popularity poll” regulary in the future from now on.

You can read Chapter 3 Part 1 here.

7 thoughts on “Hidden GMs Destiny Chapter 3 Part 1 // new Poll & old poll results

    1. Selkin Post author

      Yeah, Cave Scanlations has a staff shortcoming from what I heard and they are still recruiting more people. The next part is scheduled by Cave Scanations to be done proofing until Easter, so if nothing goes wrong. It can be posted eitehr before or on Easter!=D

        1. Selkin Post author

          Well I’m the author and I write in German. My english isn’t the best so I wouldn’t dare to try and release it in english without it being proofread and because I don’t have much time to translate everything they do also the translations.

          1. muelproject

            ah,, now i get it,, lol,,
            sorry that i didn’t read the ‘about’. :D

            so for hidden GM, where i can read raw version..?? (german version)

            1. Selkin Post author

              I don’t release the german version on my blog. Right now I’m writing and editing the “actual version” for the release on the german official release (ebook).
              I posted more about this here: https://selkinnovel.wordpress.com/2015/02/09/hidden-gms-destiny-chapter-2/

              You could say the english version is a “pre-release” (of the unedited RAW text) made possible because of Cave Scanlations nice offer to translate it for me. It doesn’t include any story changes, additional text and bonus chapters. You probably can compare it to the japanese webnovel versions vs the printed actual versions. So actually the only one reading the “raw version” right now (aside from me and some other people) would be Estoriel (CS translator).


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