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Hidden GMs Destiny Chapter 3 Part 1 // new Poll & old poll results

The old polls result led to an exact 50-50 result (whole vs part upload) in the end, so I decided to go for a “half a chapter” release for now. There will be a second release preference poll in the future though!

This time I’ve a new poll where you can vote for your favourite character from the ones who already appeared except for the lich twins. They will appear in the second part of this chapter so the poll will be up for a longer time with a multiple choice vote with up to three votes (so you can vote either for one or for the three characters you like the most). I’ll make this “popularity poll” regulary in the future from now on.

You can read Chapter 3 Part 1 here.

Hidden GMs Destiny Chapter 2 Part 3 (chapter 2 end)

Cave Scanlations just finished proofreading the last part of chapter 2 yesterday late at night. (Thanks guys but please take some breaks and don’t drop dead on me!O-O”)

Within this week I’ll delete the part uploads but I hope this will give everyone who read the chapters in parts enough time to read the last part without searching where you stopped reading before. I’ve also compiled this chapter on one page for everyone who prefers reading it in one go. (Depending on the poll results I’ll continue this style for everyones reading convenience and for my admin panel not being clogged with hundreds of pages~)

CS also found a new proofreader so the next chapter maybe even can be released within this month as well!=D

Here are the current poll results. Sadly it’s still near the same outcome as last time so I decided to give the poll a bit more time until I start posting chapter 3. If the results stay this way I’ll think my idea of posting half a chapter with every update is probably the best solution for everyone who voted…x.x” Actually it’s only one vote more for “a whole chapter” compared to “in parts” and if we count half a chapter as parts too the “part fraction” would win. But let us see what will happen over the next days!

  • In parts (faster uploads): 35%
  • As a whole chapter (slower uploads): 41%
  • Half of the chapter (moderate upload speed): 24%

I also think I’ll make a little popularity poll with the next chapter. I’m really eager to know which characters you all like the most (It won’t change the story though..xP But I maybe will write some more side stories based on the results~).

You can find chapter 2 part 3 here.

And here’s the link to the whole chapter.

Hidden GMs Destiny Chapter 2 Part 2

The first poll results are here! It still will be up for some more time so it could change completly but these are the current results:

  • In parts (faster uploads): 43%
  • As a whole chapter (slower uploads): 36%
  • Half of the chapter (moderate upload speed): 21%

As you can see the opinions are rather parted specially between a whole chapter and in parts, so with this kind of result I probably tend to meet both sides in the middle. Half a chapter counts as parts and the “whole chapter” fraction would probably also be more satisfied this way!=D” But let us see what the final results will be. If you didn’t vote yet, please go ahead and state your opinion as well (so we maybe get a result tending more to one side?xD).

Here’s the second part of Chapter 2 which Cave Scanlation translated proofread.

And again huge thanks to the two people who donated, G.S. and J.T! I’m really grateful to you two.

I’m actually thinking about getting a shorter domain in the near future. Provided I find out how to do so on WordPress and it can be done without going for the “premium” version which costs 99$ and of which I think it’s a total rip off. Afterall there are also cheaper ways to host a website oneself… Though I don’t have the technical knowledge about it, so for now I still ponder over what to do for the future aside from getting a shorter domain.

Hidden GMs Destiny Chapter 2 Part 1

Chapter 2 comes a bit later as planned, because Cave Scanlations has only a few proofreaders at hand right now but here is the first part of it. I’ll release the chapter in smaller parts this time so you all don’t have to wait for too long. I will add the parts on the chapter overview page and when all of them are released, I’ll remove the parts and exchange it for the whole chapter on said page. If you prefer this method (faster+more but short updates) over the slower “whole chapter at once release” please leave a comment or vote in the poll I attached to this post. As always huge thanks to the hardworking CS staff translating the novel!>_<” Chapter 3 was also already translated by them and waits to be proofread.

You can read the first part of chapter 2 here.

I also want to thank G.S. and J.T. for donating, as a small thanks I’ll include your Initials on the “special thanks page” of the later ebook version when it’s out. (If you give me your permission I can also add your full name instead provided you want it. I’ll contact everyone who donated via E-Mail before the ebook will be released.)

There was also someone asking where to purchase the ebook on the Cave Scanlation chatbox so I thought it’s better to inform you all here about the future plans:

The story about our Hidden GM is originally written in German and CS is translating it before the actual release. They one day  contacted me and discussed about a “pre-release” offer in English on my blog, translated and proofread by them which I accepted. The blog version is not the final version though, there may be some minor or even heavy changes to the story when the actual release occurs and there will be some bonus stories included, which won’t be released on this blog. Provided we find a good English translator and editor it will also be available in English to purchase. This is all the information I can provide you with at the moment.

Hidden GMs Destiny Chapter 1

I’m visiting my parents home at Christmas so this chapter, as previously promised, will be released before Christmas so you can enjoy reading it without a delay!

Again huge thanks to the Cavescans team for translating and prooftreading, I wish you all enjoyable Christmas days.

Chapter 2 was already sent to them and will be released after New Year. On that note they are still recruiting skilled proofreaders so if you’re interested please visit their website for more informations.


Chapter 1: Chicken Assault