Hidden GMs Destiny Chapter 2 Part 2

The first poll results are here! It still will be up for some more time so it could change completly but these are the current results:

  • In parts (faster uploads): 43%
  • As a whole chapter (slower uploads): 36%
  • Half of the chapter (moderate upload speed): 21%

As you can see the opinions are rather parted specially between a whole chapter and in parts, so with this kind of result I probably tend to meet both sides in the middle. Half a chapter counts as parts and the “whole chapter” fraction would probably also be more satisfied this way!=D” But let us see what the final results will be. If you didn’t vote yet, please go ahead and state your opinion as well (so we maybe get a result tending more to one side?xD).

Here’s the second part of Chapter 2 which Cave Scanlation translated proofread.

And again huge thanks to the two people who donated, G.S. and J.T! I’m really grateful to you two.

I’m actually thinking about getting a shorter domain in the near future. Provided I find out how to do so on WordPress and it can be done without going for the “premium” version which costs 99$ and of which I think it’s a total rip off. Afterall there are also cheaper ways to host a website oneself… Though I don’t have the technical knowledge about it, so for now I still ponder over what to do for the future aside from getting a shorter domain.

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