Hidden GMs Destiny Chapter 4 part 2

As previously on facebook announced, here’s the next part of chapter 4. This part is the shortest from the three (the next one will be the longest).

The poll is also closed now and here are the results:

The Chicken was the most popular (40% of all votes!) and won once more against Keruna~ Though Keruna seems to slowly get stronger (35%) and maybe has a chance in the next poll for the first place. 5% each of the votes went to Maeda, Keradis and the lich twins. Fieja and Sion are sharing the fourth place with 4% each, followed by Kaje with 2%.

I’m really looking forward to the next favourite character poll now. Though with increasing characters and appearing boss monsters as well as NPCs, I’ll devide it into PCs and NPCs.

Chapter 4 part 2.

3 thoughts on “Hidden GMs Destiny Chapter 4 part 2

    1. Selkin Post author

      Thanks for your suggestion! I took a brief look at the animesuki forum but I think it’s only for japanese, chinese and korean novels, so I guess Hidden GM would be misplaced there.


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