WordPress removed comments on new pages (updated)

Some informations about the comment system with the new wp update (if you like to comment on blogs and don’t know about it yet you should read the following text):

I really love reading everyones comments and just noticed today that wordpress removed the option to allow comments on pages (the ones you find in the menu and all chapters are posted on) with their recent update… So from this day onwards (except they change it in a later update) if you want to leave a comment (and make the author less depressed over this stupid update) please write it in the release post (the pages announcing the release of a chapter/part etc. with the many blabla from the author)! T^T” Honestly I already wondered why there were less comments these days, but now I know.

I really liked the option of comments being posted right under the chapters (also on other websites on which I read other authors works). It was really convenient and you could discuss over a new chapter right away. Furthermore I like reading the thoughts/reaction of other people about a new chapter. Now… in case one starts to read a novel not from day 1 you have to look for every single release post to read comments?! Or have to click back every time to the release posts?! Seriously I wonder what the wp programmers thought by not even allowing people to choose freely if they continue to want comments on their wp sites or not..x.x”

I filled out their survey and  mentioned this problem… I hope enough people think similar and that they implement said option at a later time! *starts praying*

At least wp didn’t remove old comments on pages created before the update…D:”

Edit: Added some tiny explaination in brackets after receiving Merahs question about what the pages and what the release posts are. Long explaination can be found in the reply comment to Merah (which includes also the reasons why most people with novel blogs post as pages).

Edit 2: Thanks to Natsulus help it’s possible again to comment on pages!!! (But really wp couldn’t hide it any better…x.x” Nor did I find anything about it yesterday on my phone *still don’t have a new computer*) So yeah if anyone else is looking for a way to get it back and didn’t found the solution yet, read Natsulus post~

6 thoughts on “WordPress removed comments on new pages (updated)

  1. merah

    what is considered ‘new pages’? vs release page?

    i rarely comment but feels the need for this one. thank you for the heads up

    1. Selkin Post author

      The release posts are the ones showing up on the home page and aren’t fixed pages which can be put in the menu (or nicely organized in the admin panel).

      If I would post the story as posts then you wouldn’t only have to read the long posts I write for the releases cramped with polls in it etc. but also can’t be found in the menu. While the pages are organized (e.g. parent page 1=series name; sub-parent page 2: arc of the series; page 3: chapter), and can be found by hovering over the menu. To clearly devide the chapters from the additional blabla of the release post (especially readers who start reading at a later point would get annoyed reading it before every actual chapters text…) and make navigating for everyone easier as well as for me to organize all chapters (imagine trying to find a single chapters post between hundreds of posts who are about other stories or announcements and dozens of future chapters…x.x” Hidden GM as well as Knights of Runascore is planned as a longer series..I would die if I have to make a minor change and search for a single post.)

      This was actually also the reason why I left blogspot and moved to wordpress…^^” Blogspot didn’t have the organized pages option but only posts I could add with the link to main pages (aka they only have point 1 in the following example without the sub-pages).

      So stuff like…

      1. Home | About | Novels | Oneshots
      -> series page
      -> character page | wiki | chapters
      -> eventually sub pages e.g. for the wiki: countries | main cities | creatures etc.

      …wasn’t possible without making a post for every single stuff aside from what is written after pt 1 and linking it. And these posts were all shown in the followers updates every time I post a post which is seriously annoying for readers on long term if they receive update messages for this. Especially in two languages… *see the runascore series page under novels as an example for the better wordpress solution*

      While on wordpress, if you make these pages, they won’t be shown on the home page nor in the updates if you follow the blog.

      I hope this solves the question about the difference between posts and pages a bit…>-<" (And the reason why I prefer posting the chapters as pages)

      So in short:

      posts: not as well organized in the admin cp; won't show up in the menu; you get updated everytime

      pages: can be silently worked on without anyone noticing aka no annoying update posts for small stuff; really good organized; easy to find in the menu

      And before the wp update you could receive comments on both posts as well as pages. So there were only advantages to post the chapters as pages and put all additional blabla, polls etc. on the release post.

      1. merah

        thank you very much for the extra effort you put to explain. really appreciate it. :D

        ps : quite a long post, but reading it while tinkering around few LN site helps me understand it
        whew. >.>

        1. Selkin Post author

          Np xD Yeah my shock about the change was deep enough to make such a long reply…lol (read as: I always end up writing a lot, it’s hard writing only a bit for me so it shows in the chapter sizes too… every chapter is longer than the previous one xD”)

  2. Natsulus

    Hey there, just correcting that they didn’t remove comments on new pages.
    I also made chapter pages for my translations but noticed they didn’t have comments. However that’s because WP has changed it so comments aren’t ‘automatically’ activated and instead require you to manually activate it when you create a new page (no idea why, I don’t like this change either).
    To manually activate comments on pages go to your edit page editor or add new page editor and below the text editor box, there should be a tab ‘Discussion’. If you can’t see it, then scroll up to the top, open up Screen Options in the top right and tick Discussion for Show on screen. Now open up the Discussion tab, there should be a checkbox for Allow comments, check it and update or publish the page and comments will be activated on the page.

    1. Selkin Post author

      Omgh, an angel!xD Thanks a lot!! It only showed up when I used the screen options (I would have never found it there, small in the right corner if you wouldn’t have written it down in detail!).

      Yesterday I couldn’t find any solutions online (except for plugins for websites not hosted on wp), so you really rescued me here from depression! Really a huge thanks! *updates post instantly*


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