Bonus Chapter: M-Side ⧫ Maeda and the sunflower manual

Author: Selkin

Translator: Estoriel

Proofreader: Namorax

Today I decided to work earlier than usual, but just when I entered the company and greeted 
the gatekeeper, I witnessed a strange scene. Inside the entrance hall Maeda sat on a couch, 
sunk-down with his head lying on his knees, making quite the depressive sight to see. It was 
as if he had lost his soul.  
What was even stranger was that my two superiors, as well as my colleague Exelion were 
standing in front of Maeda. The two disasters looked at Maeda scornfully while Exelion gave 
him a wry smile combined with a pitying look. No one said anything for a while. 
I was actually wondering if I should go over there or not, but Exelion spotted me and 
beckoned me over. In the end I didn’t have a choice and walked over to them greeting them 
with a “Good morning” and was greeted back, with the exception of the soulless Maeda. 
No way, did my superiors fire him, or did they really steal his soul? What’s with this dense 
aura of doom? 
I struggled with myself for a while until I couldn’t take the atmosphere and pressure anymore, 
it definitely wasn’t out of curiosity! 
“What happened to Maeda? He looks kinda down?” 
I asked carefully in a low voice to Exelion, who gave me a weird look and kept silent. Instead 
Kaje deigned me with an answer while frowning. 
“He was ditched by a lady, veeery badly, after he told some veeery dirty jokes. The three of us 
even arranged this date for him out of pity, but he disappointed us… All our hard work came to 
an abrupt end. Fienja and I even personally handled his profile on the dating website and 
picked her out. That guy was even all “This is the woman of my dreams, I’ll work extra hard 
for the company from now on!” and happily rushed to his date…” 
Just hearing this, the corner of my mouth twitched already.  
This guy even needs help from his two bosses to get a date? How desperate must he be… 
And the two disasters were surprisingly successful for once, while he failed?  
Then Fienja continued the story of misery, because Kaje’s anger was rising further and she 
kept glaring at Maeda as if he was the enemy of all women. 
“We were also in the same restaurant, not too far away from his table, to observe…ehm…
give him our silent support, all in hope to witness the moment of him getting rid of his eternal
bachelorhood. But he failed badly, very badly. Devastatingly badly.”
While she was talking, Maeda’s aura of gloom grew more intense and he curled up even 
further into a ball. 
“We saw everything from beginning to end… I finally was completely enlightened as to why 
he hasn’t found a girlfriend yet. Even after we threw him into intense training with his Azura 
ingame-character… Not to mention that he begged us for help, just to fail in such a miserable 
manner. I can’t even retell the whole restaurant story out of shame! Even Kyle nearly died 
from shock…” 
I looked to Maeda doubtfully and wondered what kind of jokes he had to tell to even shock 
someone like Kyle who always looked like he could deal with anything. After all, he does deal 
with the two disasters on a daily basis. Just the idea of being stuck with them for at least 
eight hours a day gives me goosebumps and makes me respect him a lot… 
I couldn’t help myself and had to ask a question. 
“It was THAT bad?” 
Fienja and Kaje could only nod grimly while Exelion watched the whole scene with a look of 
pity, before commenting. 
“Maeda truly deserves the name ‘Daoist Eternal Bachelor’…” 
This comment made Fienja burst into laughter. 
“Pfff, haha, yeah! Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s trying to cultivate the sunflower manual next! 
After he heard this, Exelion also couldn’t hold back and started laughing. 
“Pfff, so true.” 
While Maeda shrunk even further into a ball and murmured “too mean”, I looked over to the 
two and wondering what the hell they are talking about, thus I asked Kaje who was now also 
in a better mood and evilly chuckling. 
“Daoist Eternal Bachelor? Sunflower manual?” 
“Ah an insider joke, you wouldn’t understand unless you read a few wuxia, xianxia or 
xuanhuan novels. You know how much Exelion likes to read them… While Fienja isn’t a great 
fan of them but she does read a few, especially parodies. This joke comes from there.” 
Yep, I still don’t get it, but as long as they have fun… 
Then Maeda finally gave a first sign of life and looked over to the two evildoers with a hurt
“Urgh, I already feel so bad, you guys are too mean!” 
Kaje only glared at him. 
“Who told you to mess up this badly?” 
Then Maeda started to mutter something along the lines of “Ugh, can’t ask Fienja ‘cuz of that 
devil who would kill me if I come too close so…” and then looked to Kaje in a way as if he 
decided to stake his life on it. 
“Boss Kaje?” 
“What is it?” 
“You… you’re actually still single right? So how about…” 
Just hearing this I froze on the spot, my facial expression freezing in astonishment. 
He’s this desperate?! 
“….No, thanks!” 
“I didn’t even ask yet!!!” 
Instant rejection!!! 
-The end- 
…And thus Maeda started to cultivate the eternal sunflower manual!  
He had a very smooth way in his cultivation and after a few decades he managed to rise to 
the very top of the cultivation world.  
According to legends the famous Daoist Eternal Bachelor, out of desperation, dared to beg 
for a date with the demonic sect leader’s wife. Even until this day, no one was able to find the 
remains and the legacy of Daoist Eternal Bachelor, thus the legendary sunflower manual still 
hasn’t been found. Some people even murmur that in the demonic sect leader’s rage he 
blasted every remnant of Daoist Eternal Bachelor to smithereens and this being the actual 
reason for the sunflower manual having yet to reappear. 
Meanwhile, after getting rid of Eternal Bachelor, the demonic sect leader Kyle reigned 
supreme over the whole cultivation world (after slaying Daoist Stairfall for disturbing his 
honeymoon with his wife). 

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