Bonus Chapter: K-Side ⧫ Fortune Telling

Author: Selkin

Translator: Estoriel

Proofreader: Namorax


As a secretary, I’m usually more or less glued to the two CEOs of Night Dragon Corporation, assisting them throughout the day by taking care of all their needs and appointments.

However, today was a bit special. We finished a meeting with a capsule company’s CEO earlier as expected and thus ended up with some spare time.

Usually we would use this time to do some sightseeing, but today they spotted a fortuneteller on the roadside and spontaneously decided to waste their money on something as ridiculous as fortunetelling.

I could only sigh inwardly and follow them while they excitedly went ahead and listened to the quack. Meanwhile I took the chance to check our schedule again and made some adjustments to forcefully increase the time I could spend with the woman I love.


Hm, the CEO of Moonlight Entertainment wants to meet with both?

As if I would let you… Kaje is enough, moreover that guy is interested in my cute Fienja… Humph, as if I would give you a chance to meet her.


Naturally I adjusted Fienja’s schedule right away and happily crossed out that thorn in my eye.

“Kyle, are you listening?”



Since I was wholeheartedly focused on adjusting their schedules and didn’t pay much attention to the fortune telling session in front of me, I didn’t notice that I was asked a question.

Realising that I hadn’t listened and was holding my notebook, Fienja gave me a worried look and only commented with a “Kyle, don’t overwork yourself”.


Don’t worry, I’m just making some free time for us two and prevent ugly flies from coming near you, this isn’t even considered working~


“Now that you’re back to earth… It’s your turn Kyle!”

“Come on, we want to hear your love fortune, right Fienja?”

“Uh…not about his job or something else? Why love?”

“‘Cuz it’s the most interesting! Moreover why ask for his fortune at work? He’s working for us, obviously he lucked out already!”

“Well, you do have a point there…”


Eh… Do I really have to listen to the nonsense of this fortuneteller as well?

Well… whatever, seeing Fienja a bit flustered should be worth listening to the charlatan.


“Okay, why not…, please tell me about my love fortune then.”


I sat down on the chair in front of the fortune teller and glanced secretly at Fienja, who still did her best to hide the fact that she knew I love her. Her reactions are really fun to watch and it was hard to suppress an evil smirk. I’m still surprised that Kaje didn’t notice anything ‘til now, Fienja’s skills in hiding the fact that she likes me and tries to avoid my advances as much as possible despite that are… way too obvious, to say the least. Being unable to notice it is a kind of special skill in it’s own way.


Hm~ Anyway, while Fienja’s reactions are just too cute and amusing to watch, I still should step it up a notch and slowly corner her. Then, maybe after a year, I will ask her to marry me. I guess I should start reserving the perfect place for my proposal soon.


While I was still musing over this and tried my best to hide an amused smile, the charlatan started to “work” and spat out some nonsense.


“I see… that the journey ahead will be extremely difficult. Your efforts will be hardly rewarded and many adversaries will appear on the way. Your path is littered with endless obstacles….”


My face turned colder and colder with every word that insect spoke, and even the professional  “nice smile” that I trained over many years started to slip.

“…Uh. Please don’t be angry, I’m merely warning you about your future…”

The insect in front of me started to shiver as if he saw the incarnation of a raging devil.  Looks like he has at least some basic instincts that work correctly!


How dare you spout this nonsense in front of my future wife?! The hell, you sure are brave to challenge me… As a fortuneteller, shouldn’t you only prattle about positive stuff?! And what adversaries? Can’t you even say love rivals?!


“Wow, Kyle, your love luck is really bad huh?”

Fortunately Kaje was standing behind me, else I would have shot her a death glare by now. Does she really believe in this stuff? Moreover, on which side is she?!

“Uh, Mister… even if it’s hard and you face many obstacles it’s not impossible, so…”


Insect, are you now trying to smooth this over with such a weak attitude?!


I sneered and glowered at the insect before me.

“Don’t worry, I make sure to eradicate all obstacles with my own power. Even if I have to crush destiny itself.”


Extreme difficulty? Even if it’s difficult, I’ll solve it. Rewards? I just take whatever I see fit as reward without asking. Adversaries? I just have to crush them until nothing is left of them. Obstacles? Only exist to get eliminated.

Hmph, even if you try to jinx it, no one will be able to stop me!


“Wow, Kyle, didn’t know you could be that determined about love, I thought your only love was your work!”


Kaje… I only work at NDC because Fienja is there in the first place, you know? Luckily she needed a secretary back then and I instantly jumped at the job offer, quitting my old job.


At that I could only roll my eyes and slowly stand up while giving the insect a final, ice cold glare. Then I turned around and used my usual professional smile to look at my two superiors. After working for such a long time in my profession, I perfected my acting skills a long time ago.. I’m able to instantly switch from my ice cold face to my “sunny-sunshine” professional smile in less than a second! Of course my CEOs won’t be able to notice that I was this close to murdering that insect.


“I would say love is just as important, right? Moreover, I do intend to get married!”

“That’s the spirit Kyle! I’ll cheer for you. If I can help you in any way, just let me know!”



Hmhm~ How cute Fienja completely froze on the spot after hearing that I’ll confess to her sooner or later, I’ll wonder what tactics she’ll try out to avoid the confession. Now my mood is much better again. Kaje wants to support me? In that case, should I try to use Kaje to speed things up?


While we spoke, we left the still shivering insect after saying our goodbyes and continued on our way back to the company.

“Do you already have someone in mind?”

At that question, Fienja started to panick and an amused smile started to form on my face.

Before I could answer she fastly interrupted.


“Kaje, you shouldn’t barge into Kyle’s private life like this.”

“Eh, why not? Come on, we’re all family in our company!”

“Oh, I don’t mind her asking~”


Enjoying my cute Fienja’s reaction I couldn’t stop myself from teasing her a bit further and my smile grew even more brilliant. Until Kaje spoke again and my smile froze in place.

“It’s fine as long as it isn’t someone from our company and Kyle’s not neglecting his job, right?”



Both, Fienja and I turned silent. This time Kaje noticed that something was a tiny bit off.


“Wait… It’s someone from our company? Uh, Kyle, please don’t neglect work! You’re working so well…so who is it? Do I have to disturb your sweet time together to prevent you from slacking off?”


God damn it, I don’t need another disturbance. As if I would tell you so you can get in my way…


“Haha, don’t worry second boss. It’s not one of our employees, so there is no way of me neglecting my work.”


Well, I didn’t lie. She’s NOT an employee but my boss~ It’s the infamous secretary-boss relationship.


Luckily she seemed to already have forgotten about our slightly unusual behaviour and I was somehow able to avoid a calamity.

“Hm, I guess then I at least don’t know her. So what is she like?”


Before I could start talking about Fienja’s good sides and indirectly start flirting with her, my future wife instantly tried to change the topic with the infamous tactic of diversion and pointed at an ad in front of a game shop.


“Oh Kaje, look over there! The new game of Moonlight Entertainment you waited so long for is on sale!”

“What?! It’s already out? Damn, I completely forgot about it because of work! Quick, I have to buy it. Let us see what our old friends and rivals came up with.”


I could only sigh at the lost opportunity and follow behind them, while Kaje literally dragged Fienja away from me. Seeing the heart crushing scene of my lover being pulled away from my side, I decided to definitely not tell Kaje anything until the marriage is set in stone.

Who knows what she would come up with to squeeze between us and spoil my precious time with my love? Definitely can’t let this happen…

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