Hidden GMs Destiny Bonus Chapter: B-Side ⧫ Chicken Talk

Some news about your favourite chicken being told by Fienja, enjoy~ Because so many of you (-mainly the nice people filling out the survey~ Huge thanks for your feedback! Once the first arc ends I’ll make an extra post about the results-) wanted to know what happened to the chicken, I thought I release this chapter a bit earlier (the chicken won’t reappear any time soon though). One of the extra chapters for the ebook will include a chapter with the chicken POV! <–totally not advertising

Little note at the end: All future chapters from the superiors POVs will be labelled “B-Side” (b for boss…couldn’t use S cuz of Sion~) in the title.

And here is the survey link for everyone who didn’t fill it out yet.

You can read the bonus chapter here.

5 thoughts on “Hidden GMs Destiny Bonus Chapter: B-Side ⧫ Chicken Talk

    1. Selkin Post author

      Haha..xD Would also fit but I fear Tian has reserved the T already. And D sadly won’t work cuz of the german word for (natural) disasters. But Twin Terrors is indeed fitting lol

      1. Ruubix

        Haha Darn! to bad we can’t ignore Trustful Tian like Keruna, but I guess “B” for the beastly bosses will have to do. If you ever need names like that though I got your back, maybe for monsters haha.

        1. Selkin Post author

          Yeah, though I must confess I also ignore him too often.

          Haha sure! Suggestions are always welcomed~
          I just had to crack open my brain for multiple guilds and their members names today so I’m rather drained now! lol Though I wonder if I even have the chance to introduce them all over time…?


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